Big News!

Dear b&b blog readers,

We’ve been neglecting you. And we feel horrible about it. So, starting RIGHT NOW we will be paying more attention to the blog you all love. From now on, we’re aiming to have a new Make Something Monday posted every week. Wear it Wednesdays will continue as often as we get photos to post. (So email pictures of your kiddos in their b&b to me at!)


We’re also going to start bringing you Tasty Tuesdays! Every other Tuesday we will be posting a new yummy recipe that is healthy and super easy and fun to make. As I never had the time to learn  to cook and Kyle is running around like a crazy lady, we had to get outside help for this.

We are so lucky and honored that the super awesome, wonderful Tracy Kontos – who is currently one of the Top 9 competitors on Masterchef – has kindly offered to help us by guest posting some upcoming recipes that she created. Are you excited??!!?! You should be. We definitely are! Her food has been deemed delicious by Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich! (and their moms!)

Look for Tracy’s first b&b entry this coming Tuesday! (And watch her on Masterchef Mondays & Tuesdays!)

I’d also like to give Derrick Prince a public THANK YOU for introducing us to Tracy. He is also one of Masterchefs Top 9 competitors, and you can check out his website at .

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