Barley & birch is here to make a difference.  We want to give parents and children the safest and most environmentally friendly clothing possible. We also want to use our success to help improve the global community.

We opened our doors for business in January 2009. From day one, we’ve remained focused on maintaining the highest environmental and social standards in the industry.

Environmentally, we decided to make every single facet of the line carbon neutral. Not only do we offset any emissions created by production and shipping, but we work with manufacturers and suppliers that are largely powered by solar energy. We chose only certified organic cotton and water-based inks, so we do not pollute the air and water with chemicals. We are made in the United States, so we do not emit the massive amount of carbon associated with trans-ocean shipping. We are largely paper-free and any paper involved with the line is 100% post-consumer recycled. Essentially, we chose to go beyond the level of convenience to be fair to our planet and to our customers.

Socially, we give at least 15% of our profits to a variety of organizations working all over the world to improve the lives of others. We fund everything from educating rural farmers on sustainable agriculture to providing shelter to victims of abuse. We are proud to aid in the growth of justice and equality throughout the world.

By the end of our first year in business, we were carried by over 30 stores worldwide and had funded schools and clinics all over the world. We were featured by countless wonderful blogs, magazines, and media for our efforts to use business as a tool to improve the lives of others. We continue to grow quickly and expand the network of friendships that we’ve established with our retailers and our customers.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in barley & birch. We hope you enjoy our clothing and work as much as we do, and we are proud to finally offer you clothing that you can feel good about.

Keep checking in with us. We have some exciting plans!  🙂


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