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  • With some DIY spray chalk paint, a stencil template and an idea, your kids can create their own (washable!) guerrilla art! This isn't just outdoor fun - its a great lesson in activism! Change: Share Messages of Love with Chalk Art Paint

    In the grand tradition of all those activists and artists who have challenged, changed and inspired before us, we decided to LITERALLY take our messages to the street today! We have been guerilla-arting love and equality all morning with washable spray chalk paint and stenciled messages. I can’t think of an easier and more immediate […]

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  • Change: Recycle K-Cups in the Garden!

    Oh hey there earth-loving K-Cup user – wait, don’t toss that cup out! I have a super secret tip for you that will ease your conscience, help your garden and save your soil! Did you know that almost one in three American homes now has a pod-based coffee machine? I’ve got to tell you…mine is one […]

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  • Screenshot from Change: Teaching Activism

    “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others? ‘” – Martin Luther King, Jr. OK world-changers – who is ready to DO? We’re big believers that you’re never too young to start changing our world for the better…but where to begin…?  If you don’t know of it already, is […]

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