GIFT GUIDE: 1st Day– Miriam’s Kitchen

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I love Miriam’s Kitchen. I volunteered there while I was doing my internship in D.C.

Needless to say I was instantly inspired.

What is so cool about them? They feed and support D.C.’s homeless.

Oh, and not only do they just feed their guests, they feed them DELICIOUS food that they put a lot of time and energy into, because every single staffer and volunteer believes that their guests deserve that respect and dignity. They provide case management services including mental health, medical and substance abuse services and assistance finding housing and employment.

Every single person there goes above and beyond to help the people that many overlook.

So for a gift this Christmas, we think it’d be really cool if you would support Miriam’s. And the awesome thing is that you can SEE where your donations go.

With a $25 donation, you will provide the food for a healthy, homemade breakfast for 15 homeless men and women. A typical menu includes scrambled eggs with salmon, fresh sauteed vegetables, fruit salad and made-from-scratch biscuits.

With a $50 donation, you will provide transportation to doctor appointments and job interviews to 40 homeless men and women.

With a $100 donation, you will provide art supplies for our After-Breakfast Program’s Art Therapy class. New paintbrushes, watercolors and canvases will provide our guests with even more resources to express their creativity.

With a $500 donation, you will provide one day of case management services to 80 of our guests.

Wouldn’t a gift of art supplies for Miriam’s guests be the best holiday gift to give your neighbors? Wouldn’t it be neat to fund an entire Miriam’s breakfast as your office gift? Or provide case management services in honor of your child’s teacher? I think so.


You could make it a project for the kids, boxing up extra blankets and Daddy’s jeans he never wears. To top it off you could swing by the store and get a few pairs of socks. For $15 you can make in immense difference in the lives of others while teaching your children what it means to give back to the global community.

Think about it. (:


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