Make Something Monday: Sidewalk Paint

Sure, the weather is getting chillier and it might be getting tougher to figure out some quality family time outdoors with your tots.  Well fear no more! The genius ladies Bianca Nicely and Lauren Sharp of ARTifact in the Cow Hollow area of our beloved San Francisco, California have come up with a super fun, super cool alternative to summer’s sidewalk chalk adventures.

They’ve even made it spoooooky Halloween themed for us.

The neatest part of this project is that the container for these starts out looking like just white powder (the food coloring is hidden inside) so your kids will think you are a magician when you pour water into each white powder and come up with a variety of bright colors.

Corn starch
Food coloring
Small containers with lids (baby food jars, Bell Jars, anything really)
Paintbrushes (all sizes)
Optional: black and orange tissue paper and ribbons

1. Fill containers 1-thirds of the way with corn starch and create a crater in the center of each with a finger.

2. Drop three to six drops of food coloring into each crater (combos are below). The corn starch will ball up around the drops of color.

Goblin Green: two blue drops + four yellow drops
Dracula’s Purple Cape: three red drops + two blue drops
Jack-o’-Lantern Orange: three red drops + three yellow drops
Full Moon Yellow: five yellow drops + one red drop
Werewolf White: three red drops + three blue drops + three yellow drops

3. Cover the color balls with more corn starch and put the lids on the containers.

4. Head outside, let your ghouls and goblins add water and be amazed at the colors, and paint away!!

** Gift idea: Wrap each container in a square of tissue paper and tie with a ribbon; tie on a paintbrush and instructions: “Mystery Sidewalk Potion: To paint the town, mix one part potion with two parts water and watch the paint reveal its true color.”


ARTifact is committed to sustainability and embraces the use of re-useable goods in their projects. They will gladly accept the below items should you have a ton sitting around your house!

-Glass jars (especially babyfood jars)
-fabric scraps
-paper doilies