Make Something Monday: Colored Rice (Guest Blogger: Emily of DesignHER Momma)

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Guest blogger: Emily
Blog: DesignHER Momma

One of my earlier memories from when I was a kid, was that my preschool class had 2
sensory bins of dried noodles and dried beans that I loved.

There were tools in the bin to gather, scoop and separate. Obviously this cheap and easy
toy made an impression on me, as I’m now an adult and I can still vividly remember how
much I loved playing with them.

This past week, my 3 year old and I got to work on an equally cool project. Instead of
dying eggs for the holiday weekend, we dyed (and dyed) rice! You guys, it was so quick,
so easy, and so very fun.

What you will need:
White rice
Food coloring
Rubbing alcohol
Big metal mixing bowl
Flattened brown grocery bags

Coloring the Rice:
Put 3-4 cups of rice in the metal bowl
Add desired amount of food coloring (I probably add too much, because I like it bright,
bright, bright!)
Add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol (which helps dry out the rice)
Mix, mix and mix some more with the spatula.
Lay dyed rice out on the brown bags (or paper towel) to dry.

Be super careful, as the dye can obviously stain. Let rice sit out to dry for around an hour,
it should be ready to go after that.

Put all your colored rice in a big plastic container or bin. Add spoons, cups, funnels,
anything you can think of that might be a fun “scoop”.

We’ve deemed color rice an outdoor toy, but I’ll let you decide where to play with it!

Have a blast! We know we have.

11 replies on “Make Something Monday: Colored Rice (Guest Blogger: Emily of DesignHER Momma)

  • Jen

    oh man this looks like something Chase would DEFINITELY enjoy! Now to just figure out how to keep him from eating it. :0)

  • Kristy

    We do this at my preschool too, and I look forward to when my 6 month old daughter is ready for it. Something else we use at preschool is the colored rices and lentils, etc. from the bulk bins at the grocery store. We are especially fond of this at Thanksgiving/Fall time as the colors go right in with those times.

  • Dinah

    Why’d you have to use food? Are you that comfortable? I would have been embarrassed to admit I did it if I were you, much less post it for all to see. I’m glad your kids have so much to eat that you can do such obscene wasting and be this pleased with yourself. What’s worse is, you think it’s a good idea to suggest that other do it, too. Shame on you. Shame on these responders who can’t wait to do it for their kids who also have plenty. It must make you feel all warm inside to know they’ll never have to know what it is to go to bed hungry. Great message to them. Way to go.

  • Lauren

    Dinah, shame on you for spending money and time on your computer and internet connection instead of donating it all to charity! Give her a break, geesh!! This is a cute, fun toy for her children. It is her hard-earned money she is using how she wants to.

    p.s. everyone’s comments will say that and only you can see it until the moderators check to see if the language and subject material is appropriate, or if you are not a spammer.

  • Amanda

    Great idea! I can’t wait until Daniel gets over his “taste everything” phase. Such a fun and cheap way to play!

  • Dinah


    Point taken. I guess having to live in abandoned houses and people’s barns with my 7 siblings growing up while our Mom had to leave us and work, left me sore to the touch. I didn’t know I was, that has never happened to me before. I apologize for those memories of starving and being scared flooding back upon seeing these photos. I think you are right, I should not have voiced it against this lady who obviously loves her children. I ask her forgiveness. There is nothing wrong with children being protected, provided for and having fun. That’s the way it should be.

    Thank you for clarifying my question for me.

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