Make Something Monday: DIY Unique Popsicles

(Photo from Growing a Green Family.)

Nothing says “Hello, summer!” like a delicious popsicle. Problem is, buying premade ones doesn’t give you much say in their nutritional value. AND, there’s all the packaging to go through, and most of it isn’t recyclable.

However, there are tons of benefits to making popsicles at home! You get to choose the ingredients; you can keep the kids busy by having them help; and beyond being rid of the wrapper waste, you can get rid of kitchen waste by making popsicles out of leftovers!

First, you’ll need something to make them in. You can make mini pops in your ice cube tray, or you can shop around for popsicle molds. There are tons of them on the market now that are non toxic, BPA free, and just plain awesome looking. I’ve heard good things about Tovolo’s products, but that’s just one of many brands.

Once you have a mold, you can make popsicles out of practically anything.
-blend/juice your favorite fruits and veggies (veggies like carrots and spinach are
easily hidden when mixed with fruits)
-mix up the last of the jam with some milk (almond, soy, cow, whatever) for a
creamier popsicle
-make and freeze chai, green, or your favorite tea
-freeze pudding for a super rich popsicle (chocolate pudding, nuts and
marshmallows and you have a rocky road popsicle….mmmmmm)
-root beer will make a great popsicle too, but make sure to let it get a little flat
before putting it in the freezer!