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Make: DIY Moon Sand

…or Moon Dough… Cloud Dough…. Sand Dough…. I’ve seen it all over the internet under all of these names, so just pick your favorite. Let me know if you or your kids come up with a good name for it. Anyway, whatever you call it, it’s super easy to make and will keep your children entertained for hours!

To make your own DIY moon sand you’ll need:


  • Flour
  • Oil (most tutorials online suggest baby oil, but if you’re worried about your kids putting this in their mouths, coconut and vegetable oils work exactly the same way and are edible)


  • Food-grade natural food coloring


  • Buckets, pails
  • Sand and water toys
  • Toy cars and trucks

DIY Moon Sand Instructions:

  1. Mix the ingredients in a large bowl

    You want an 8:1 ratio of flour to oil. So 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup oil, 8 cups flour and 1 cup oil, etc. Mix them together until the flour still feels silky and sandy, but will hold a shape if you squeeze it in your hands.

  2. Move to a large bin or tray

    Move to a large bin or tray

  3. Add toys and play!

    You can use this as a fun sensory experience all on its own, or add tools or toys to a bin or tray for play.

A few quick notes before you dive right in…

  • While clean-up is easy, you will have to deal with loose flour and oily hands. This is probably better for outside playtime.
  • Store your moon sand in an airtight container to play with later.
  • You can dye it all sorts of fun colors with food coloring.SaveSave

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