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For all of you still recovering from Thanksgiving overexertion, I have the PERFECT weeknight activity to entertain your kiddos AND create a lovely handmade holiday decoration. This unbelievably easy felt garland only takes only 3 supplies and 2 steps, and in about 30 minutes (less with little helping hands) you’ll have a very fun, tres chic holiday decoration you can put just about anywhere and reuse the whole year round!

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How cute is that garland?? Whether you like to decorate for the holidays November 1st, or 2 weeks before Christmas, this is the perfect early winter evening activity. If your family celebrates Thanksgiving with a craft session (a turkey day classic in my family!) this is a great option, as the only prep it takes is buying felt and laying out scissors. For younger kids, you can combine it with our free printable Thanksgiving mini doodle books or gingerbread and snowman playdough mats for an incredibly manageable, low-stress full evening of activities!

To make your own felt garland, you’ll need: 

  • About 12 pieces of felt
  • Twine or yarn
  • Scissors
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Easy DIY Felt Garland Instructions:

  1. Cut strips of felt in multiple colors

    Cut each 8 1/2 x 11″ piece of felt in half length-wise, then cut every 1/2″-1″ to make about 20 rectangles from each piece of felt. In the end, you’ll have roughly 240 strips of felt.

  2. Tie and knot each strip around a long cut of yarn

    Knot each rectangle around a length of twine or yarn (I’d keep it on a big ball until you’ve used all your pieces, then cut at the end).

BOOM. That. Is. It!! You can create patterns with the colors, or just zen out and grab random strips while you watch a movie.

Every part of this project is kid-friendly (except for maybe the cutting depending on age, because you’ll need to use some sharper scissors).  It’s super fun for kids who want to pick their own colors and patterns and is great practice for cutting, tying and pattern-planning. Best part? This garland can be reused for any special occasion!

For more kid-friendly homemade holiday crafts, be sure to visit our DIY holiday card holder made from pinecones and twigs, a gorgeous flameless kids’ menorah, or this wintry small world setup that doubles as a simple DIY Christmas countdown! Happy garlanding!

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This felt garland DIY only takes 30 minutes, felt & a piece of twine, and is a perfect holiday activity for kids | via barley & birch

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