Change: Recycle K-Cups in the Garden!

Recycle K-Cups in the Garden

Oh hey there earth-loving K-Cup user – wait, don’t toss that cup out! I have a super secret tip for you that will ease your conscience, help your garden and save your soil! Did you know that almost one in three American homes now has a pod-based coffee machine? I’ve got to tell you…mine is one of them. Years ago when I moved into my own place my mom bought me a Keurig, and for a coffee-drinking household of one, the convenience factor is undeniable. As a somewhat guilt-ridden K-Cup user, it had not gone unnoticed that there were some major environmental concerns. But I was excited to learn earlier this year that Keurig was changing their cup to a number 5 plastic. Provided you can recycle plastic, aluminum and paper: each component could finally be thrown into the proper recycling bin. Keurig also released a reusable filter, which I have since purchased – love that I can finally drink my local blend!

So that’s great, but you STILL have to throw out the grounds – and if you’re using up a stash of old cups as I am…rinse and thoroughly dissect each one. Kind of cuts down on the convenience, right? OK, well, I can’t help you with the process, but I CAN sweeten the deal. Did you know that coffee grounds are not only great for plants but are a natural repellent to tender-green-loving wildlife? Upon recommendation by a local farmer, I’ve been experimenting with reusing my the k-cup grounds on our gardens this week. O to the M to the G – it WORKS! Our new flowers and baby vegetable plantings are not only in tact, they’re thriving – and we didn’t have to hurt a young bunny or poison the ground to do it!

So K-cup lovers rejoice! With the tiniest bit of effort, you can actually recycle those cups in their entirety, while growing a sustainable garden in a humane and chemical-free way. Added bonus: after a warm summer rain, there is the faintest aroma of freshly brewed java.

Have any other great uses for used K-cups?? Share in the comments!


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