Make your own scribble dice in minutes! A fun way for kids to explore mark-making, pattern and color
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Make: DIY Scribble Dice

For adults, hearing a proclamation of, “I’m bored!” means we’re expected to answer with the perfect, mind-bendingly fun suggestion. Well, here’s a very IRL thing (I’ll save you the trip I made to Urban Dictionary – that’s “in real life”)  – there are so many moments when a good answer, or the “right” answer….or….any answer just doesn’t come to mind. The dreaded brain-freeze (shiver!). Because of the this potentially-scary phenomenon, I’ve started keeping a list of kid-approved “I’m bored” projects, and one of my very favorite, top-of-the-list, go-to activities is making Scribble Dice. These DIY Scribble Dice are sure-winners for bored kids of all ages for a few reasons:

  1. They’re easy to make (10 minutes tops).
  2. They lend themselves to lots of games – you don’t even have to come up with them…trust me, kids will figure out their own.
  3. You can make them into anything – I use them here as an art tool, but I’ve also made them for different kinds of movements (hop/wiggle/twirl), story-telling prompts and words for spelling practice.

So grab some dice, and let’s roll into this tutorial (see what I did there…wink!)

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You’ll Need: 

  • A Small Mailing Label or Small corner of a Sticker Sheet
  • 2 Dice
  • Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils or Crayons


Step 1: Using an adhesive mailing label or piece of a sticker sheet, cut small squares the same size as the sides of your dice.

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Step 2: Scribble some patterns for one one die and colors for another. Trying to learn movements, shapes or letters? Use those instead of scribbling! It’s a great way for kids to get practice, that feels much more like a game than busy work.

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Step 3: Affix the squares to all die sides and let the games begin!

Ok, so has anyone tried these before? Have you dabbled in your own activity dice? If you have a great idea that will save us ALL from the “I’m bored” brain-freezes, puh-lease be sure to share it in the comments below!

Make your own scribble dice in minutes! A fun way for kids to explore mark-making, pattern and color
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With a passion for cultivating imagination, Amanda aims to help families discover their creative potential and be inspired to make the world a better place through art, play, adventure, activism, conservancy, and community. When not playing with ideas, designs and projects for barley & birch, Amanda enjoys working as a modern art curator and managing her own small design business.

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