Read: Our favorite classic children's books for all ages
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Read: Some of My Old Favorites

Raise your hand if this rings a bell: hiding under the covers, flashlight in hand, with one eye on the page and the other on the bedroom door. Even though book-reading was a favorite nightly ritual at our house, I was a kid OBSESSED. We’re taking a step back in time to celebrate childhood this week (get the details here!!) and I couldn’t let it pass by without sharing a post featuring my absolute, all-time favorite 80’s past time: reading. 🙂

I was the kind of kid who missed meals to read, and when my face wasn’t buried in a book I was re-enacting favorite storylines, becoming the characters, or watching something book-related on TV (any Megan Follows Anne of Green Gables fans out there…??)  I could still happily lose myself in a Reading Rainbow LeVar narration. (Time out: did you know he has a new podcast??? It’s amazing! Also, for those of you suddenly craving a listen to the RR theme song here’s a throwback – AND did you know  The Doors covered it..?? …ok, technically, it’s Jimmy Fallon).

In the spirit of the week, I made a list of my personal favorites from back in the day â€“ some well-known, others forgotten – ALL great books.

(PS – the lovely illustration at the top of this post is part of a series called “Ideal Bookshelf” by artist Jane Mount – you can checkout the prints here)!

An abbreviated list of my childhood favorites:

If you’re loving the throwback list, but craving something more current, there are tons of great places to find fantastic book suggestions in list-form! Here are a few links to top-notch lists:

And just for fun, I thought I’d also share some places I’ve run across that are great online/app resources to help kids get excited about reading:

Read: Our favorite classic children's books for all ages
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