• Change: Recycle K-Cups in the Garden!

    Oh hey there earth-loving K-Cup user – wait, don’t toss that cup out! I have a super secret tip for you that will ease your conscience, help your garden and save your soil! Did you know that almost one in three American homes now has a pod-based coffee machine? I’ve got to tell you…mine is one […]

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  • Free printable play plane tickets for kids. Perfect practice for first plane trips - or just for pretend fun via barley & birch Freebie: Plane Trip Printable Play

    Pack your bags kids, we're ready for a vaca! We are super excited to share this set of free printables for mini-jetsetters who'd like to take an afternoon adventure without leaving the yard. The set includes 2 different full color versions + 1 black and white, all with a ticket, baggage claim, wing badge and mini wings. Setup [...] Continue Reading
  • Discover: 8 Ways to Help Kids Cope with Travel Anxiety

    I can. not. believe. Memorial Day weekend (a.k.a. the beginning of summer) is this weekend! As a kid, this was also the beginning of travel season. I grew up taking lots of summer road trips and always felt totally at-home traveling on the road. As an adult, I routinely take long, unplanned road trips, hop on cross-country trains, […]

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  • Read: Harvest, A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm

    I’ve just started to experiment with watercolors again and, in looking for subject matter, started painting a stack of books I was returning to the library. The book above is one that I decided to renew, reread and share because I loved it SO MUCH. If you, like me, have ever dreamed of quitting a […]

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  • Make: Pupcakes (HBD Thor!)

    Furbaby birthday in the house! We’re taking a minute off of kids today, and devoting that minute to…my dog.  Today my gentle giant, Thor, turns 2 – and I have decided to do that thing I said I’d *never* do as a dog owner and celebrate his birthday with reckless abandon. I’m not really a […]

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  • Easy Kid-Made Goat's Milk and Honey DIY Soap via barley and birch Make: 10-Minute Honey Goat’s Milk Soap

    It’s been rainy all day today, and in a quest to find a fun, quick activity I ran across a recipe I had saved for a shortcut homemade soap and it turns out its the perfect kids DIY soap project! I had recently purchased a HUGE jar of Manuka honey (semi-accidentally) and thought I’d take advantage […]

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