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  • A Pop Rockin' fizzing punch that's fun for kids and perfect for parties! Drink: 80’s-Inspired Pop Rocks Punch

    Getting the other latch-key kids together and hitting up the Convenient Store for dollar candy was an eighties after-school tradition in my neighborhood. Of all the glorious secret-stash favorites, the most coveted score was a packet of Pop Rocks. There was something so satisfying about the snap, crackle and pop of those tiny carbonated candies. […]

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  • These crispy, chilled homemade dill pickles are perfect for toddlers cutting new teeth, only take 10 minutes to make & are healthier and more eco-friendly! | via barley & birch Eat: Quick Homemade Teething Pickles

    It’s cucumber season! As a family of serious pickle-lovers, mid-July is pickle mania in our household and we usually most of our July weekends picking, pickling and canning. Our pickles aren’t just for the adults though – we’ve discovered they make PERFECT toddler teethers! These crisp, chilly dills are great for gumming, healthier than store-bought, […]

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  • Make a healthy St. Patrick's Day smoothie with a surprise at the end! A perfect holiday snack for kids | via barley & birch Drink: A Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie

    Looking for something more festive than a bottle of green juice, but healthier than a shamrock shake? You’ve found the (almost literal) pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Our pot of gold happens to be a bowl of pineapple – the star of our tropical St. Patrick’s Day smoothie and the secret behind its delicious […]

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  • barley and birch - 2016 - peach - applesauce - 5 Eat: Peach Applesauce

    Fall is finally here, and it feels like such a gift after the hot summer we’ve had. I’ve been so excited to ring in my favorite season, that I had to rush out to the local farm stand last weekend to grab some early apples for applesauce. It turns out, the heat has been hard on our early apple crop this […]

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  • Low sugar, all natural lavender lemonade recipe via barley and birch Drink: Lavender Lemonade

    Is there anything more refreshing than lemonade on a hot day? Yes – lavender lemonade – and we’re sharing our secret family recipe! I have surprised so many friends with this, and as a small party gift or picnic addition, it always gets the BEST response. It is also the perfect compliment to an afternoon tea […]

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  • healthy kitchen-sink summer quinoa salad recipe via barley & birch Eat: Quinoa Kitchen Sink Salad

      Looking for a super healthy, filling, quick and EASY salad for a weeknight dinner or fast lunch? This is one of my absolute favorite summer meals. It fills you up, but isn’t heavy, you can make the quinoa ahead of time and just toss everything in a big bowl, and it uses up all […]

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