Discover: Our Favorite No-Carve Pumpkins for Kids

It’s jack-o-lantern season again! Along with a full treat bag of fresh Halloween kids’ crafts and DIY costume inspiration, we’re passing out a few of our favorite ideas to help your family get into the spirit of the season with pumpkin projects. If you’re celebrating with little ones who may not be ready for carving (or the guts!) try a few of these no-carve pumpkin favorites…

Kid-Picked No-Carve Pumpkin Favorites

As I was putting this post together, I asked a few of my fav Halloween-loving kids to pick their tops out of a pile of example pics and these were the big winners! I had to agree that they were all super cute – and I also love that each one is simple enough for you to work on with your kids together.

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins for kids
  • Hey fellow hello, kitty fans…check out these incredibly adorable Hello Kitty Pumpkins from hello, Wonderful. Grab a couple white gourds and make your own!
  • Fill a mantle with these fun Emoji Pumpkins from Brit & Co.! Paper cutouts makes this a great craft for kids and provides a fun way to explore emotion.
  • For a twist on emoji expressions, try making a set of these colorful Kawaii Mini Pumpkins from Ooly.

Imaginative No-Carve Pumpkins

Just like real-life, but WAY cuter! Food, plants – even office supplies get an awesome upgrade when reimagined as a pumpkin!

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins for kids
  • Celebrate fall like you’re living in a chic desert dwelling with a group of cute Cactus Pumpkins from Aww, Sam.
  • This Confetti Pumpkin from A Subtle Revelry is such a clever way to repurpose office supplies like pushpins and metal brads.
  • This smart Hamburger Pumpkin from Lily Shop looks SO good, it will have your trick-or-treaters asking if it comes with fries!

Artistic No-Carve Pumpkins

Itching to try out a new art medium? Grab a pumpkin and go, Picasso! All 4 of these use unexpected materials to create unique works of art on a temporary canvas! It’s fun to watch kids work on something other than a flat sheet of paper, and the abstract “no-rules” element gives them the freedom to explore their wild side!

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins for kids
  • Mixed Media Collaged Pumpkin from me! 🙂  This doesn’t have a lot of fancy instructions, just mod-podge some paper scraps on, and play around with using different mediums (paint pens work really well, as do pastels that have been heated a little in a microwave!)
  • Create a layered kaleidoscope of color and textrue with these Tissue Paper Pumpkins from Fresh American Style.

Last Minute No-Carve Pumpkins

These are what I like to think of as minimum-effort, maximum-result punkins. Who else has put off carving a jack-o-lantern until the very last minute then felt extreme FOMO when they see the neighborhood filled with cute creations? Well, lust no more! Try out one of these, and in about 10 minutes you’ll have turned the tables because ALL the neighbors will be jealous of these adorable gourds!

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins for modern kids
  • These Balloon-Dipped Pumpkins from Paper ‘n Stich are so incredibly easy and great way to reuse old party balloons!
  • Temporary tattoos are all you need for these genius Tattooed Pumpkins from Martha Stewart and Tattly.
  • Your kids will love making their own family of Ghostly Ghourds from Parents Magazine.

From our front stoop to yours, have a happy and safe carve-free Halloween!

Our favorite fun and modern no-carve pumpkins
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