Discover: Our Halloween DIY Family Costume Favorites

Make trick-or-treat a family affair with this collection of fun ideas for celebrating Halloween with a DIY parent & child costume!

DIY Family Halloween Costumes – Search by Theme

It’s that time of year again…! If you’re already breaking out into a candy-coated sweat trying to conjure up ideas for this year’s Instagram-worthy kid Halloween costume (let alone one for everyone in the family) you’re in for a seasonal treat. I’ve been perusing the internet for my very favorite homemade family costumes and I’m so pleased to report I’ve found the crème de la Halloween crop.

What were we looking for? Something relatively simple to pull together, a group costume that wouldn’t break the bank, and fun, imaginative ideas the whole family could get behind. Guys, the creativity in this collection is off the charts. And as if that weren’t enough, listen: we here at b&b have a comfortably broad definition of “family,” so is there something for the pet in your life? Of course.

Looking for simple DIY kid costumes? We have a collection of the best (quick) homemade costumes for kids here.

For a couple of our own kid costume tutorials, take a little Trick-Or-Treat costume crawl by visiting our upcycled DIY lion costume and artful DIY monarch mask.

Our Favorite DIY Family Halloween Costumes

A group of four photos of homemade family Halloween costumes.

DIY Food-Inspired Family Costumes

DIY Movie-Inspired Family Costumes

Timeless DIY Family Costumes

DIY Family Costumes…Pet Edition!

For more October family fun, visit our collection of Halloween family movie and craft night ideas, create a set of cool DIY paper bag black cat luminarias to decorate your front stoop, or design your very own haunted house.

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