Simple yummy recipes and kitchen-themed learning activities to help kids discover the joy of kitchen work and develop practical skills


Our favorite kids baking cookbooks for young chefs of all ages! | via barley & birch

Discover: Our Favorite Kids Cookbooks for Young Chefs

Do you remember using cookbooks when you were little? I had three favorites that instantly spring to mind, conjuring strong memories of afternoons measuring, stirring, rolling, and kneading alongside my parents in the kitchen. A beloved Kinder-Krunchies snack book that…

Our favorite tools and activities to help kids develop cooking and kitchen skills. | via barley & birch

Discover: Practical Kitchen Skill Activities for Kids

Watering herbs, pouring milk, washing dishes, folding laundry, and peeling fruits…they’re the life experiences I grew up on, and the practical kitchen skills that helped promote a unique sense of pride and importance. That’s why I’m dedicating a full series…

Find a new and refreshing summer favorite with this collection of unique and healthy popsicle ideas for kids (and adults!) | via barley & birch

Discover: Fun DIY Popsicle Ideas Your Kids Will Love Making

Nothing says “Hello, summer!” like a deliciously refreshing, frosty frozen popsicle. Problem is, store-bought popsicles don’t give you much say in their nutritional value, AND there’s all the packaging to go through (much of it not yet recyclable). There are, however,…

DIY Ecto-Cooler with a cute dress-up ghost sticker printable! Perfect for a kids Halloween party!

Drink: DIY Ecto-Cooler

I have vivid childhood memories of sipping on Hi-C Ecto-Cooler juice boxes and tossing back Capri Suns. With our 90s week coming to an end, I thought I’d combine the look and flavors of my favorite 90’s bevvy to create one ultimate…

A Pop Rockin' fizzing punch that's fun for kids and perfect for parties!

Drink: 80s-Inspired Pop Rocks Punch

Getting the other latch-key kids together and hitting up the Convenient Store for dollar candy was an eighties after-school tradition in my neighborhood. Of all the glorious secret-stash favorites, the most coveted score was a packet of Pop Rocks. There…

These crispy, chilled homemade dill pickles are perfect for toddlers cutting new teeth, only take 10 minutes to make & are healthier and more eco-friendly! | via barley & birch

Eat: Homemade Quick Pickles for Teething

It’s cucumber season! As a family of serious pickle-lovers, mid-July is pickle mania in our household, and we usually most of our July weekends picking, pickling, and canning. Our pickles aren’t just for the adults though – we’ve discovered they…