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Our free printable insect scavenger hunt on a blue background

Freebie: A Printable Bug Scavenger Hunt

We’re buggin’ out over bugs this year! This summer’s bug-stravaganza was kicked off with a cool set of DIY clothespin cicadas, and we’re rounding it out with a bug scavenger hunt. This invitation to search for actual insects is a…

This sweet little spring cardboard deer craft for kids is a great way to recycle a cereal box and play with natural decorations from the garden!

Make: A Stand-Up Cereal Box Spring Deer

It’s been a cold and rainy spring here in Minnesota, and although the chilly days have slowed my progress outside, Mother Nature works away unphased. Bees have started emerging from the little leaf piles in the back gardens, birds have…

Our free printable kids mini spring art print

Freebie: Download Mini Spring Art Prints!

Back before I had a fancy iPad program with lots of cool texture tools, I used to gather up my inks and brushes and head outside to the garden at the first inkling of spring. Throughout spring and summer, I’d…

Our DIY cereal box reindeer standing among a set of mini cardboard trees.

Make: A Stand-Up Cereal Box Reindeer

My first December in Minnesota has me embracing my Scandinavian roots in a major way. Norwegian traditions like lefse-making, putting up straw ornaments, and watching for the nisse have always been a part of our family’s holiday celebration, but this…

DIY leaf stick puppets made with paper scraps and nature supplies! | via barley & birch

Make: Paper Leaf Stick Puppets for Fall

Our yard is chock-a-block full of bright yellow maple, elm, and ash leaves, and our art table is awash in autumn-inspired leaf projects (have you seen our autumn-leaf-inspired magic wands or leaf-matching flipbook yet??). The other thing we happen to…

Our cardboard DIY fall leaf match flip book is a fun way for kids to practice shape recognition while learning about positive and negative space. | via barley & birch

Make: A DIY Fall Leaf-Matching Flipbook

With fall in full swing, we’re exploring new uses for our free printable leaf activity kit this week! To compliment our leaf-themed art projects (check out our autumn magic paper leaf wands and funny face paper leaf stick puppets) we…