The full archive of our free printable kids learning and play activities


Two cardboard tube assemblages hanging on a black surface

Make: Cardboard Tube Assemblages

Using a single household supply and a simple process, turn recycled paper roll tubes into sophisticated and striking cardboard tube assemblages! I’ve laid out a basic project step-by-step below, but keep in mind there are so many opportunities to make…

Our DIY fairy peg dolls sitting on a wood slice in front of a neutral background.

Make: DIY Woodland Fairy Peg Dolls

Fill a tiny forest with your own enchanting set of DIY woodland fairy peg dolls for creative small-world play. With a kid-friendly crafting process that encourages creative reuse and imaginative storytelling, this activity is sure to be a hit with…

Our free printable insect scavenger hunt on a blue background with crayons and a magnifying glass

Freebie: A Printable Bug Scavenger Hunt

We’re buggin’ out over bugs this year! This summer’s bug-stravaganza was kicked off with a cool set of DIY clothespin cicadas, and we’re rounding out the insect play with a free printable bug scavenger hunt. This invitation to search for…