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Our DIY leprechaun garden kids craft sitting in front of a green and blue background surround by play golden coins.

Make: A Leprechaun Garden for St. Patrick’s Day

Ok, so….this is going to sound a little kooky, but have you ever planted a few old pennies the day before St. Patrick’s day…? Call me crazy, but I kinda enjoy a little good-natured mischief, so instead of trapping leprechauns I try…

Go cuckoo this Valentine's Day making these fun popup cuckoo clock cards!

Freebie: DIY Cuckoo Clock Pop-Up Valentines

It’s shaping up to be a chilly, snow-filled January, and I’ve been savoring the opportunity to spend some time cozied up by a fire, watching the snow fall and enjoying a marathon of Musicals! I started with the Sound of…