Make: A Modern Patterned Pine Tree Garland

For anyone trying to entertain kiddos while simultaneously navigating your way through a hectic holiday schedule – this modern pine tree garland DIY  is for you. This lovely project is one of my favorites because it’s super versatile, keeps the mess to a minimum, and looks fantastically hip!

By combining our tree template printable and some patterned or colored transparency sheets, you can create tons of interactive winter-themed activities for kids of all ages!

Our patterned paper pine tree garland strung across a piece of wood as part of a holiday display.

Older kids will have fun playing with pattern and color combinations to make their own modern pine tree garlands, while younger littles can explore colors, shapes, and light with some simple stackable pattern plates you can put together in about 15 minutes. Our colorful pine tree garland is a tribute to the season that makes a perfect handmade holiday decoration, but can brighten up a room all winter long! 

For hours of pine-tree-themed fun, try our pine tree art template bundle – a set of custom-designed evergreen cards and art templates you can use all winter long. With hand-drawn pine trees in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, lacing cards, print & fold design-your-own greeting cards, and more!

To make your own pine tree garland you’ll need:

Note: We prefer to shop locally or use what we have at home, but this list contains Woodpeckers Crafts, Etsy, Blick Art Materials, and/or Amazon affiliate links for reference. As Amazon Associates, we make a small commission on qualifying purchases.*


  • A few sheets of heavy cardstock (in any colors you want!) 
  • Our printable patterned pine tree template set
  • Printable inkjet transparency sheets (like these we found on Amazon)
  • Scissors and/or an X-Acto knife
  • A clear-drying glue stick or craft glue
  • A hole punch
  • A piece of ribbon, twine yarn, or string


  • Clear transparency sheets and permanent markers (to make your own pattern sheets)
  • Solid-colored transparency sheets
  • Bells or other extras to add to your garland! 
  • A ruler (to help with straight-edge cutting)

Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

Patterned Pine Tree Garland Instructions:

  1. Print our pint tree patterns and templates

    Download and print our pine tree and pattern templates printable or draw your own tree shapes and patterns. Print or draw your tree templates out on heavy cardstock, and your selected patterns on inkjet transparency sheets. If you’d rather not use the inkjet transparency sheets, you can create your own by using permanent markers in different colors on clear transparency sheets.
    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

  2. Cut out tree templates and trim transparency sheets

    Cut along the outside of your tree templates, and cut the patterned transparency sheets along the dotted lines. 

  3. Cut out centers of pine tree templates

    Using an X-Acto knife or small scissors to cut out the inner pieces of the tree templates. If you’re making the pattern plates or want to make a see-through suncatcher garland, you’ll cut out both sides of the trees. If you’re making a garland to hang against a wall, you’ll only cut out one side (there are templates for both options included in the printable!)
    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

  4. Pick your patterns!

    For the pattern plates, I like to keep them simple for toddlers and only use one pattern sheet per plate.

    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!
    Older kids can mix and match the patterns for their trees, layering as many as they want. You can also throw solid-colored transparencies in the mix for some fun color layering! Cover each cutout side of your template with a layer of clear-drying glue and glue down the transparency sheet. 

  5. Glue tree front and back together

    Add another layer of glue around the edge of your tree template and fold your trees over so they meet at the edges. 
    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

  6. Trim edges

    Cut around the edges to get rid of the extra transparency film. Voila! Your trees are finished! If you’re making pattern plates, this is all you need to do. Pass a set of these over to your toddlers and watch them shift the tree pattern plates around to discover how different colors and patterns look overlapped.
    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

  7. Use a hole punch and ribbon to combine your trees into a garland

    To make a garland, create a whole forest full of trees, then simply use a hole punch (we used one eighth-inch punch for smaller holes, but you can use a standard) to create a hole at the top of each tree. Layout your garland and thread a ribbon or piece of twine through all the holes. 
    Make a hip pine tree garland with modern layered patterns (free templates included)!

Other ways to use your patterned pine trees: 

  • When your toddler is finished playing with their pattern plates, you can recycle them into a simple suncatcher mobile. Using a small hole punch, make a hole at the top and bottom of each tree. Tie the trees together in a horizontal line using a piece of ribbon or twine, then hang your tree chain in a window. As the trees twist around, the colors and patterns will dance around the room! Combine them with our paper snowflake suncatchers for extra-festive window trimmings!
  • Because these are transparencies, kids can use dry-erase markers to draw on decorations or write a name or message on their trees. 
  • Make a simple holiday card by gluing a patterned tree onto a folded piece of cardstock.
Four of our DIY pine tree pattern plates sitting on a white background

For more free printable kids’ holiday crafts & DIY paper decor, visit our holiday paper chain countdown tutorial, cut out and paint your own watercolor peace and love DIY wreath, or make a mini 3D paper Christmas tree (with clever pop-in ornaments!).

*A note about affiliate links: We strive to use simple, earth-friendly supplies that can be purchased locally whenever we can, but sometimes we find the best universally available options, a rare eco-friendly find, or a niche product only available on Blick Art Materials, Amazon, Etsy, or Woodpeckers Crafts. When included in our supply list, these products are affiliate links, and if you click through to make a purchase we receive a small commission that helps us re-order these supplies!

Amanda Eldridge
Amanda Eldridge

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