Make: Toddler Scribbles into Fine Art

You always want to keep and treasure every work of art your kids make – but when they’re making you an entire reams worth of scribble art, you quickly realize you can’t hold on to everything. So here’s a good way to turn your toddler’s art into something you can proudly display for years to come, and not have to worry about buying extra refrigerators to hang everything on.

What You’ll Need:


  • Completely original art created by your kiddo
  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Paintbrushes
  • Scissors


  • An idea or pattern to follow. Google “stencil pattern” , there’s some really good ones floating around.

Toddler Art to Fine Art DIY Instructions:

  1. Prep your canvas

    Paint your canvas and allow it to dry completely.

  2. Create your stencil

    Cut your pattern out and stencil it onto the back of your scribble art. Then cut the scribble art into the shapes you need.

  3. Add your cutout scribble art pattern

    Use Modpodge to glue your scribble art pattern onto the canvas and allow it to dry completely.

  4. Coat with Mod Podge

    Coat the entire canvas in Mod Podge. Allow it to dry and repeat this step until you’re satisfied.

  5. Hang and enjoy!

    This is such a fun way to turn your toddler’s artwork into a treasured keepsake.

This makes such a wonderful gift for grandparents, preschool teachers, or beloved caretakers. You’ll see your toddlers scribbles in a whole new light!

PS… I bet my mom still has some of my scribble art somewhere.

Turn toddler scribbles into fine art with this easy canvas and stencil DIY
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