Find a creative kids’ craft, learning activity, or DIY play accessory to make here in our full archive of imaginative kids’ projects.

This simple DIY tablet toy lets kids enjoy creative tech play without the screen time, and can be made into a play laptop with our free printables! | via barley and birch

Make: A DIY Play Tablet or Laptop for Kids

Can you even believe it’s already back to school time?! With all the excitement and preparation for school-aged kids, I’ve found that the littles who are left behind often feel pretty left out, which can lead to a major case…

Make your own scribble dice in minutes! A fun way for kids to explore mark-making, pattern and color

Make: DIY Scribble Dice for a Quick Art Invitation

For adults, hearing a proclamation of, “I’m bored!” means we’re expected to answer with the perfect, mind-bendingly fun suggestion. There are so many moments when a good answer, or the “right” answer….or….any answer just doesn’t come to mind. The dreaded…

These adorable free printable mini coloring books are a perfect summer surprise for kids. With drawing prompts and bold summer-themed graphics - all perfectly sized for on-the-go kid entertainment. | via barley & birch

Freebie: Mini Summer Coloring Books for Kids

Oh my goodness…I’ve been sitting on a little secret for a few weeks now, and am SO, SO excited to finally be able to share some news! We are thrilled to announce that we’re new contributors to the amazingly creative…

DIY Vegetable-Stamped Market Tote

Make: Vegetable-Stamped DIY Farmers Market Totes

Do you love the farmers market as much as I do? If so, you are going to adore this fun afternoon stamping project. You can use vegetables (or fruits) you probably already have around the house to make companion totes…

A DIY balance board for kids (and adults!) that's just like riding a wave!

Make: A DIY Balance Board for Future Surfers

Surf’s up in the Midwest, yo! As someone who used to live steps from the Pacific and did a lot of ocean swimming, bodyboarding, and even some surfing, there are still so many days I wake up itching to hop…

Our DIY sushi play set

Make: An Easy No-Sew DIY Play Sushi Set

After two weeks of spring, we’re back to snow, and frankly, everyone around here has been a little bummed about it. I had already moved on to outside play in my head, but with the temperatures hovering around 20, an…