Find a creative kids’ craft, learning activity, or DIY play accessory to make here in our full archive of imaginative kids’ projects.

Make your own eco-friendly, kid-safe edible DIY glitter!

Make: Eco-friendly, taste-safe DIY Glitter!

DIY edible glitter you say?! You bet. A couple of years ago, while putting together a playdough sensory project, I thought it would be fun to add a bit of sparkle for a snow-like effect. After a disastrous first attempt,…

DIY Bird Feeder Wreath

Make: A Bird Feeder Wreath

As winter starts to fade into spring (in most areas), this simple project would be fun for the kids, and a good way to get birds flocking into your yard…..or away from your yard depending on where you hang this…

Make a simple and easy DIY mason jar terrarium in 5 minutes! | via barley & birch

Make: A DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

Another Earth Day has come and gone, but I hate to see a party end…so I decided to do a little Easter green redecorating with some extra jam jars I found lying around the house. Here’s a SUPER quick DIY…

DIY Sidewalk Paint

Make: DIY Sidewalk Paint for Kids

Sure, the weather is getting chillier and it might be getting tougher to figure out some quality family time outdoors with your tots.  Well, fear no more! The genius ladies at ARTifact in San Francisco have come up with a…