Find a creative kids’ craft, learning activity, or DIY play accessory to make here in our full archive of imaginative kids’ projects.

Recycle some cardboard and explore simple building with these little love shack art projects for kids | via barley & birch

Make: Recycled Cardboard Love Shacks

‘Tis the season of luuuuv and have I got a sweetly spontaneous recycled art project for you today! These little recycled cardboard love shacks are an artful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and don’t require more than a few ordinary…

Create an easy Christmas countdown with this adorable DIY pine tree lot scene! | via barley & birch

Make: A Mini Pine Tree Farm Holiday Sensory Activity

A little more than a month to Christmas and I’ve been hoarding advent calendar inspiration! I’m rarely organized enough to get 25 little gifts together for so many of the cute advent calendars I lust over on Pinterest, so I…

Make a DIY menorah for kids using colorful painted twigs!

Make: A DIY Nature-Inspired Menorah for Kids

This unconventional flameless menorah for kids is a wonderful way to teach, share & pass on a beautiful tradition (and also happens to provide the perfect opportunity for a little counting and color-learning practice). Just like an actual menorah, you…

Use simple nature supplies to make your own DIY hanging holiday card holder. A festive activity for kids! | via barley & birch

Make: A Pinecone and Twig Holiday Card Display

Of all the holiday trinkets and trappings I own, the handmade projects & scraps of homemade treasures collected over the years are the ones I most look forward to pulling back out. Unboxing old notes, tiny finds, or the past…

These gradient leaf banners are a naturally lovely way to celebrate fall or the holiday season and easy for kids and parents to make. | via barley & birch

Make: Gradient Leaf Banners to Celebrate Fall

This morning on a walk with my dog, I realized it was probably the last day for leaves in our neighborhood. They’ve been incredibly glorious this year – HUGE and full of color. So, with my trusty stick collector in…