Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book

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Updated to include quarter-page-sized prompts! Build your own Thanksgiving activity book with our mini drawing and writing prompt pages! For more details, full instructions, and other ideas for use, visit the full DIY Thanksgiving Doodle Book post here

Our standard letter-sized PDF includes:

  • (1) black & white printable pdf page of  (9) custom-designed mini drawing prompt and coloring pages
  • (1) black & white printable pdf page with (9) mini writing prompt pages
  • (2) black & white printable pdf pages with quarter-page-sized doodle prompts
  • (2) black & white printable pdf pages with quarter-page-sized writing prompts
  • File Size: 126KB


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These free printable mini Thanksgiving doodle books make easy turkey day fun for kids, cute classroom entertainment, or lovely little holiday table favors. | via barley & birch