A collection of our creative cardboard kids projects

Four of our potato stamp pumpkin art pieces hanging on a green background.

Make: Potato and Apple Stamp Pumpkin Art

Just in time for October – an artistic pumpkin patch, chock full of and fall spirit and featuring an elevated autumnal aesthetic! The foundation of these lovely pumpkin art prints? A potato, apple, or green pepper (three cheers for using…

Our recycled juice carton birdhouse decorated with egg carton flowers hanging from a small branch.

Make: A DIY Juice Carton Birdhouse (with a Surprise!)

A few springs ago, I was inspecting the garden in the backyard when I heard the faintest little chorus of “cheep! cheep!”‘s coming from…somewhere….! As I wandered around the yard, the sound grew louder until I finally found the source…

This sweet little spring cardboard deer craft for kids is a great way to recycle a cereal box and play with natural decorations from the garden!

Make: A Stand-Up Cereal Box Spring Deer

It’s been a cold and rainy spring here in Minnesota, and although the chilly days have slowed my progress outside, Mother Nature works away unphased. Bees have started emerging from the little leaf piles in the back gardens, birds have…

This DIY cardboard unfolds to reveal a secret garden! A wonderful spring or summer art project for kids that can be used for a small world play backdrop. | via barley & birch

Make: A Cardboard Fold-Out Secret Garden

Spring…can you hear it coming? Deep underneath the melting snow things are beginning to happen. Every “cheep” of the sparrows and “hey, sweetie!” of the chickadees has me daydreaming of lush green secret gardens. Since we have to wait a…

Use simple scrap supplies to make these cardboard secret message sailboats! A visual language exercise and upcycled summer craft for kids. | via barley & birch

Make: Secret Message Cardboard Sailboats

Ahoy loveys! It may be dipping into negative degrees outside, but indoors we’re celebrating picture-perfect regatta weather. Yes, this Valentine’s Day we have blue skies, a fair wind, and following seas for the 1st Annual Cupid’s Cup. Super-sleuth sailors may…

Kids will love cutting apart rainbows to make this beautiful abstract art project that can also be used to celebrate small joys throughout the week! | via barley & birch

Make: Rainbow Road Abstract Art for Kids

Deep in the heart of winter, I typically find myself turning to rainbows for cheery, bright art inspiration. A few years ago I shared a Frank Stella deconstructed rainbow project, and it’s been a site favorite ever since. This year…