Dramatic Play

A collection of kids’ dramatic play DIYs, ideas and activities

Use a fun painting technique to create a gorgeous DIY monarch butterfly mask with your kids. Just add wings for the most gorgeous homemade Halloween costume!

Make: A DIY Painted Monarch Butterfly Mask

Did you know that between mid-spring and late fall, Monarchs produce FOUR generations of butterflies? The last group of Monarch butterflies usually emerge in November. Instead of living the same short life cycle of their predecessors, November Monarchs fly south…

Make a lion mask fit for a king with simple supplies! A most regal DIY no-sew costume for kids.

Make: A DIY Upcycled No-Sew Lion Costume

“Oh I just can’t WAIT to be King…”A little bit of Sub-Saharan magic happened over here this morning. From the simplest of supplies, bright colors and bold shapes took form, and a king (or queen!) of the jungle emerged!  I…

Easy DIY mermaid charm necklaces - perfect for a mermaid party or quick sea-themed kid's craft! | via barley & birch

Make: Easy Mermaid Charm Necklaces

With August right around the corner, the temperature at a steady 90 degrees, and back-to-school musings already creeping into the conversation, I suddenly feel like I need to immerse myself in summer. I’ve been taking a couple of little water babies…

This cardboard set of play market food is an easy DIY, a great way for kids to learn about food, and looks SO adorable

Make: Cardboard Play French Market Food

Brrrrrrr! With the year off to a frigid start, I’ve put my indoor dramatic play thinking cap on this week and hunkered down for some recycled art time. I had piles of cardboard boxes leftover from the holidays I was…

Kids will have a total blast crafting 3 pairs of bodacious 80's-inspired sunglasses out of an upcycled cereal box and paint! Free templates included.

Make: DIY 80s Shutter Shades

Grab your shutter shades…we’re headed back to the future! In case you missed it, we’re spending a whole week crafting to the 80s with some friends (you can check out the entire post list of 80s crafts here) and having…

This simple DIY tablet toy lets kids enjoy creative tech play without the screen time, and can be made into a play laptop with our free printables! | via barley and birch

Make: A DIY Play Tablet or Laptop for Kids

Can you even believe it’s already back to school time?! With all the excitement and preparation for school-aged kids, I’ve found that the littles who are left behind often feel pretty left out, which can lead to a major case…