Kids art projects and activities you can use to celebrate Easter

Our cardboard pretend play bunny hutch and no-sew sock bunny kids crafts sitting in front of a blue and white background

Make: A Play Bunny Hutch from a Shoebox

Turn a shoebox into a play bunny hutch kids can make, decorate, fill with cute recycled accessories, then use for dramatic pet play. Hop over this way to see the latest addition to our pretend pet family… it’s Sock Hop,…

Our recycled juice carton birdhouse decorated with egg carton flowers hanging from a small branch.

Make: A DIY Juice Carton Birdhouse (with a Surprise!)

A few springs ago, I was inspecting the garden in the backyard when I heard the faintest little chorus of “cheep! cheep!”‘s coming from…somewhere….! As I wandered around the yard, the sound grew louder until I finally found the source…

This sweet little spring cardboard deer craft for kids is a great way to recycle a cereal box and play with natural decorations from the garden!

Make: A Cardboard Deer Spring Craft for Kids

It’s been a cold and rainy spring here in Minnesota, and although the chilly days have slowed my progress outside, Mother Nature works away unphased. Bees have started emerging from the little leaf piles in the back gardens, birds have…

Our spring bunny and chick Calder-inspired cardboard sculptures

Make: Calder-Inspired Cardboard Spring Sculptures

Back when I used to live in Chicago, life didn’t get sweeter than chilling outside in a downtown plaza on a spring day, just people-watching and enjoying the fresh air. For those who have never been: Chicago is absolutely brimming…

This process art spring craft for kids combines fabulous folk art style with fun, experimental painting techniques for a bloomin' lovely spring art project!

Make: DIY Folk Art Bunnies

Oh process art fans, do I have a fab spring surprise for you…! The floral detail on these comes courtesy of one of my favorite art friends, and if you’re not already following Julie Curtin on Instagram, you’re missing some…

Our handmade decorated bunny and chick spring tree sitting on a table against a white wall next to an Easter basket.

Make: Bunny & Chick Spring Tree Craft for Kids

Eeeep! Spring is almost springing, and I just can’t wait a minute longer for it! It might still be in the ’40s here (with occasional snow) but I’ve already packed up my winter frocks and swapped glittery white flakes for…