Fabric and Yarn

A collection of our kids’ fabric, yarn, and sewing projects

One of our soft sculpture art creature kids projects standing in front of a white background.

Make: Creative Creature Soft Sculpture Art for Kids

It’s aliive, it’s ALLLIIVEEE…and it’s…SQUISHY! Meet the latest additions to our kids’ art project family…imaginative soft sculpture art creatures made from recycled supplies! The outlandish beasts of Hieronymus Bosch meet the soft sculptures of Claes Oldenburg with this project that…

Our DIY vampire puppet being held up in front of a dark grey background.

Make: A Vampire Puppet Halloween Craft for Kids

I don’t know about you, but come October, I’m creepy-Halloween-everything-obsessed. And my very favorite Halloween horror sub-genre? I vaaant your gothic vampire content. From Anne Rice stories and Edward Gorey illustrations to Bram Stoker and What We Do In the…

Use up scrap supplies to make this chill pool art for creative summer fun with kids! | from barley & birch

Make: Paper Pool Art with Scrap Supplies

We’re having a scrap art pool party, and YOU’RE invited! Don’t you want to just dive right into our vibrant pool art?! This summer art project is full of simple little visual art tricks that make the most of scrap…

Use simple scrap supplies to make these cardboard secret message sailboats! A visual language exercise and upcycled summer craft for kids. | via barley & birch

Make: Secret Message Cardboard Sailboats

Ahoy loveys! It may be dipping into negative degrees outside, but indoors we’re celebrating picture-perfect regatta weather. Yes, this Valentine’s Day we have blue skies, a fair wind, and following seas for the 1st Annual Cupid’s Cup. Super-sleuth sailors may…

Make an adorably simple DIY gingerbread play bakery out of felt or cardboard! This is a wonderful pretend play activity for kids that also helps to develop fine motor skills. | via barley & birch

Make: A DIY Gingerbread Bakery for Pretend Play

Oh snap, we’ve gone gingerbread crazy! Over the weekend I made a pair of gingerbread softies, and while playing with the felt and patterns, it dawned on me that the thick felt was perfectly-suited for some real-life-sized play gingerbread cookies.…

These adorable felt DIY beach ball softies make a cute and easy summer sewing project for kids! | via barley & birch

Make: Simple DIY Beach Ball Softies

In honor of this year’s July Sew a Softie Challenge, we’ve made a bouncy set of simple beach ball softies! The shapes are easy to cut out, color combinations are endless, and the whole project is simple enough for kids…