Fall Activities for Kids

Fall-themed kids’ projects and activities

Add some autumn fun to your child’s day with these adorable fall-themed kids’ projects and activities. From pumpkins, acorns, and leaf crafts to hibernation and fall games, these fall-themed children’s activities will help kids explore the natural world and express their creativity.

Our play DIY hibernaculum kids project sitting in front of a dark blue-green background

Make: A Play Hibernaculum Kids’ Hibernation Learning Activity

Grab a shoebox and some nature supplies for this entertaining but simple hibernaculum-building activity that encourages kids to investigate how reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other small creatures hibernate during the winter… What is a hibernaculum? A hibernaculum is basically a…

Our paper bag bear den sitting in a woodland small world play setup with two handmade clay bears

Make: A Paper Bag Bear Den for Small World Play

Turn a grocery bag into a painted paper bag bear den or cozy miniature cave for hibernating wildlife and other small-world play setups with this easy DIY. Autumn is turning to winter here in our neck of the woods, and…

A group of our paper bag mushrooms sitting on a wood slice in front of a white background

Make: Paper Bag Mushrooms

A brown lunch bag and a stick are all you need to make these sweet, sculptural paper bag mushrooms. This charming nature-inspired craft is a wonderfully simple project for kids (or adults!) that can be used for small-world play, classroom…

One of our handmade paper bag acorn portrait kids crafts sitting in the grass

Make: Stuffed Paper Bag Acorn Portraits

These stuffed paper bag acorn portraits are an adorable fall art project for kids and a lovely autumn craft you can fill with seasonal surprises… What a nut, right?! These silly acorns are STUFFED with personality (among other things) and…