A collection of our paper art and crafts projects for kids

Our kid-friendly DIY paper sparklers in front of a white background

Make: Kid-Friendly Sparkless DIY Paper Sparklers

In the spirit of the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend, we wanted to pass along the genius idea of sparkless paper sparklers! Because a bunch of five-year-olds waving hot, sharp metal skewers doesn’t feel *quite* as captivating. And here’s…

Four of our finished spray bottle fireworks process art pieces laying on a white background

Make: Spray Bottle Fireworks Process Art for Kids

Back when I lived in California, my house in Mission Beach was perfectly situated to see the nighttime fireworks displays Sea World would put on. From time to time my roommates and I would get out the ladder and climb…

Our paper tree frog kids craft suction cupped to the refrigerator

Make: A Climbing Paper Tree Frog

Explore a variety of fun art-making styles with this climbing paper tree frog craft for kids that sticks to smooth surfaces using the magic of suction cups to mimic the real thing! The first year I lived in Minnesota, we…

Our spring peeper paper jumping frogs sitting on a white background

Make: Hopping Paper Spring Peeper Poppers!

Our warmer months come and go pretty quickly up here in the north, so when I hear the spring peepers chirping around the neighborhood pond, it’s always a sure sign summer isn’t far behind. These peepers one of those projects…

An ice cream cone soft sculpture sitting on a pink background

Make: Puffy Paper Bag Ice Cream Cone Soft Sculptures for Kids

I scream, you scream, we all scream for summer kids’ art projects that encourage reusing supplies, creative process experimentation, and fun with a classic theme (that’s how it goes, right?). Just in time for ice cream social season, I’m soft-serving…

Two collaged paper hearts with beaded rope lanyards sitting on a white background

Make: 3 Fresh, Simple Paper Heart Crafts for Kids

Sweet and simple is my M.O. this February, so here are a few last-minute ideas for lovely handmade valentines that only require minimal supplies – and its paper heart projects all the way down. And I should note right now,…