A collection of our paper art and crafts projects for kids

These cute little kawaii acorn boxes have a cap that lifts off to reveal favors or a secret place for kids to stash tiny notes of gratitude for Thanksgiving.

Make: DIY Paper Acorn Gratitude Boxes

These little paper acorns are adorably festive table decorations that are holding a heartwarming secret inside! The caps lift off the top of these nutty boxes, leaving kids a place to collect and share messages of gratitude and thanks. These…

Our simple Memphis style-inspired DIY paper sculptures are a fun way to introduce kids to pattern, color, form and design! Cut, add, stack, paste, rearrange and more!

Make: Memphis Style Paper Sculptures for Kids

If you’ve been following us on social media for the past few days, you know we’ve been celebrating ’80s week along with a few friends! As part of our art & design day, we revisited the classic ’80s design style…

Adorable free printable Halloween coloring pages in a mini-size. A perfect sugar-free Trick-or-Treat or classroom favor!

Freebie: Mini Halloween Coloring Books

October – one of my VERY favorite seasons! The highs have dipped down into the 50’s, we had our first frost, the leaves are finally changing colors and I have pulled out ALL my October favorites. Of course, all the…

An autumn leaf kids printable with tons of uses! Make a memory game, a leaf art garland, a collector's book and more! | via barley & birch

Freebie: A Printable Leaf Activity Kit for Kids

When I was little, one of our classic autumn family activities was gathering up leaves during hikes or walks to collect and admire. Sometimes our leaf finds were part of an outdoor scavenger hunt, sometimes we collected them for rubbings…

This art and design activity for kids is quick, easy and endlessly entertaining! All you need is a piece of white paper and some scraps to make beautiful compositions! | via barley & birch

Make: Scrap Paper Quick Collages for Kids

I have a little stash of “emergency” projects I keep in a list on my phone for situations that call for some kid entertainment STAT. The criteria for my 911 list are that the activity requires only 1 or 2…

Our school bus photo book unfolded on a yellow background decorated with silver foil stars.

Make: A Paper School Bus Photo Book Kids Craft

Can you believe autumn is right around the corner and it’s already back-to-school time?! School started here last week, and we celebrated by making this fun fold-up paper school bus craft that kids can fill with drawings of classmates or…