Doughs and Clay

A collection of our kids’ projects and activities that feature play dough, salt dough, and clays

Make gingerbread and snowmen with these festive winter play dough mats! Add spices, peppermint and glitter for a fun winter sensory experience. | via barley & birch

Make: Gingerbread and Snowmen Sensory Winter Playdough

It’s officially winter! The snow is here early and it is brrr-eezy and cold. If you’re looking for a cozy indoor activity for restless littles, you’ll love these gingerbread and snowman winter sensory play activity! The setup is quick and…

Let kids play in the dirt and make their own enchanted DIY unicorn garden with this easy and fun potted plant and clay craft! | from barley & birch

Make: An Enchanted DIY Unicorn Garden for Kids

A couple of Fridays ago I started a new tradition, and for the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing projects that use a little easy DIY’ing and a lot of imagination. This week’s fantastical creation began with a curious gift…