Spring Activities for Kids

Spring-themed kids’ projects and activities

Add some springtime fun to your child’s day with these adorable spring-themed kids’ projects and activities. Great for kids of all ages, easy to make, and fun to share together!

A group of our paper bag mushrooms sitting on a wood slice in front of a white background

Make: Paper Bag Mushrooms

A brown lunch bag and a stick are all you need to make these sweet, sculptural paper bag mushrooms. This charming nature-inspired craft is a wonderfully simple project for kids (or adults!) that can be used for small-world play, classroom…

Our cardboard pretend play bunny hutch and no-sew sock bunny kids crafts sitting in front of a blue and white background

Make: A Play Bunny Hutch from a Shoebox

Turn a shoebox into a play bunny hutch kids can make, decorate, and fill with cute recycled accessories, then use for dramatic pet play. Hop over this way to see the latest addition to our pretend pet family… it’s Sock…

Our diy seed mosaic cardboard bird feeder hanging in the garden

Make: Bird-Friendly Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders

A twist on the classic cardboard tube bird feeder craft, this project invites kids to play with patterns and experiment with natural supplies for cool handmade bird feeders that are totally bird-safe! DIY Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders – Table of…

Our spring peeper paper jumping frogs sitting on a white background

Make: Hopping Paper Spring Peeper Poppers!

Our warmer months come and go pretty quickly up here in the north, so when I hear the spring peepers chirping around the neighborhood pond, it’s always a sure sign summer isn’t far behind. These peepers one of those projects…

Holding a pair of binoculars up with a view of our mini backyard safari setups in the background

Make: A Mini Backyard Safari

Spring and summer weather is grand for heading outside to go on an exciting mini backyard safari – no jeep necessary! We had a gentle spring rain last night that led to a magic raindrop-covered backyard this morning. Everything is…

Our DIY bird nest helper sitting on a white background

Make: A Colorful Bird’s Nest Helper with Kids

These colorful bird’s nest helpers are a fun nature activity for kids, a helpful handmade backyard addition for birds, and only require minimal supplies (with zero prep!). Many many years ago I was rolling up to a little yarn shop…

Our DIY bee bath sitting on a stump in the middle of a garden of small blue flowers

Make: A DIY Bee Bath With Kids (5 Creative Ways)

Invite your kids to make a DIY bee bath – a simple and pollinator-friendly summer activity you can throw together right in your own backyard. Over here in the Twin Cities, we had a rare 90-degree sunny spring day this…

Our DIY fairy peg dolls sitting on a wood slice in front of a neutral background.

Make: DIY Woodland Fairy Peg Dolls

Fill a tiny forest with your own enchanting set of DIY woodland fairy peg dolls for creative small-world play. With a kid-friendly crafting process that encourages creative reuse and imaginative storytelling, this activity is sure to be a hit with…

Our DIY fairy greenhouse egg carton seed starter sitting next to cardboard pine trees, an egg carton mushroom, and a fairy peg doll

Make: Fairy Greenhouse Egg Carton Seed Starters for Kids

These darling DIY fairy greenhouses are egg carton seed starters kids can plant, decorate, tend, and watch grow! They’re a wonderful late winter or early spring indoor gardening activity for children – especially if you live in a colder climate…