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  Kids get dibs on the future. Let’s give them a good one.   

Imagine you’re a kid. Your whole life is in front of you. But so are melting ice caps, shrinking rain forests, and all kinds of other bad-dreamy things. No fair! We here at barley & birch believe kids are going to change all of that – but they need a little help…

Raising the next generation of world-changers means raising kids who think creatively, understand the power of their individual voice and develop a deep connection with nature, the arts & their community.

Barley & birch is a place for families who want to discover their creative potential and be inspired to change the world through art, play, adventure, activism, conservancy and community.

Using activities that stimulate creativity, encourage appreciation of our beautiful world, and cultivate empathy, we think we can build a big, bright future. Just by playing more together. And doesn’t that sound pretty fun? We think so. 


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