Printable Download FAQs


How do the “Name Your Price” free printables work? 

Just as it sounds! Simply enter a price (or “0” to download for free) then click on “add to cart” and finish the checkout process.

Why do your free printables offer an option to pay?

We believe it’s important for all kids and families to have equal access to artful projects and creative learning, which is why we want to offer a selection of printables that will always be available for free.

We also don’t want to force visitors to sign up for a mailing list they may not wish to follow.

That said, in the interest of supporting ourselves and fellow creatives, we moved to the “name your price” system because creativity has value.

How are your printables delivered?

Once you’ve hit the checkout button, you’ll be directed to a page where you can click on your free printable to download the zip file. You’ll also receive a receipt with the download link via the email address you provided at checkout.

I never received my email receipt…

Our emailed receipts are sent immediately upon successful purchase and are usually delivered within a minute or two of your order placement. If you haven’t received yours, be sure to check your junk/spam folder first. If your email never arrived, feel free to email us to receive an email with your printable as an attachment.


How can your printables be used?

We love seeing our free printables used in the wild, but it’s important we share just a few stipulations. All of our printables are for personal use and non-profit educational purposes, which means they can only be used in non-commercial projects. They are also copyright-protected, which means they must be printed as-is, with all of our branding and copyright information included. 

Acceptable uses include:

  • Personal projects with family or friends
  • As a free resource for use in non-profit settings such as classrooms, libraries, museums, public continuing education courses, after-school programs or other not-for-profit activities
  • Shared photos of your completed printable projects on personal social media

Our personal use printables cannot be used for:

  • Commercial projects, resale, or bundling with your own projects or printables
  • For-profit educational purposes, such as private art classes, camps, etc
  • Redistribution via email, social media or as a self-hosted download on your own site
  • Physical or digital paid advertisements
  • Native apps, web apps, or games

I love your printables – how can I share them?

Did you download a project that you or your kids adore? Fantastic! We encourage spreading the love and letting others know! The only thing we ask is that you share on your own website or social media accounts with “best practices” in mind…

  • Please do share the full link and link back to our original post rather than hosting the project instructions, multiple photos, or printable itself on your own website or social media
  • Please do credit us with a link, mention and tag when applicable
  • Please do not alter our original photos or crop watermarks when sharing

Do you offer commercial licensing of any kind? 

Commercial license options are available for some of our projects and printables – feel free to email us for more information or with specific inquiries.

Printable Purchases

I haven’t received my printable. What can I do?

Email us to let us know of the issue. We’ll confirm your order and email you the printable file directly!

What types of files should I expect?

All of our printables are PDF files. They all come packaged as a .ZIP file with our plain text “terms of use” document. Some will also come with plain text instructions files or folders with JPEGS/PNGs, etc.

How do returns work?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of printable download files, we don’t offer any refunds on our printables unless the same printable was accidentally purchased twice or there are similarly unique circumstances. All of our product listings provide a detailed description of what the printable includes, sizes, and thumbnail previews of each page so there isn’t any confusion about what is included in a downloadable printable set.

How can I contact you for help?

Please feel free to send reach out on social media or email us! We’re happy to help troubleshoot any issues you might be having, or answer any questions.

Project Terms of Use

Project Attribution

Have a project of ours that you absolutely loved making and want to shout out from the rooftops? WOOHOO! We love having our projects shared on social media and websites – we just require that you link back to our full tutorial and our download rather than providing the direct download link on your site. Our files are never to be hosted on your own websites or blogs.

Tags & Mentions

Have pics of your b&b printable project you want to share? Yay! Be sure to tag @barleyandbirch on social media so we can check out your creations!

Printable File Restrictions

Our printable files are read-only and locked for content editing. This means you will not be able to change our designs.

All artwork is Copyright barley & birch – including the original concepts unique to our designs, graphic features, and illustrations. All text, images, and photographs are copyright barley & birch, so if posting about our projects, please always credit barley & birch.

Any commercial redistribution or resale of the original files or printed results is prohibited.

You may not re-package the resources as digital downloads or use the printed result as part of a marketing campaign for a display, editorial, or event without written permission obtained directly from barley & birch.

Photo Reposting

If you’d like to repost a photo linking to one of our projects to your own blog, we allow the use of 1 photo for linking purposes only. No alterations, color edits, cropping, or watermarks should be added to our photo – it must be used as-is unless specifically stated, and must link to our project page/our site for more detailed information.

Our original photos are not to be reposted to Instagram without permission.

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