Textile Projects for Kids

A collection of our kids’ fabric, yarn, and sewing projects

From felt stuffed animals and simple sewing patterns to scrap fabric art projects and creative yarn crafts, find a creative way for your kids to explore creating with textiles!

Our DIY needle-felted hamster sitting in our recycled play pet hamster cage

Make: A Needle-Felted Hamster and Play Hamster Cage

Explore new mediums, recycle old plastic containers, and use STEAM concepts with this pretend play hamster cage project (complete with a DIY needle-felted hamster!)… I don’t know about you, but I vividly remember hitting a period of my childhood when…

Our DIY no-sew sock bunny kids craft sitting in front of a white background

Make: A No-Sew Sock Bunny for Pretend Pet Play

Turn an old sock into a darling DIY no-sew sock bunny for pretend pet play or a cute handmade spring or Easter kids’ craft activity. Here’s an incredibly cute way to reuse a gently used sock (or the one remaining…

Our DIY fabric pirate treasure map kids craft sitting on a table with fake gold coins

A DIY Treasure Maps or Adventure Maps for Kids

Invite your kids to make their own reusable DIY adventure maps and homemade treasure maps from scrap fabric – a classic art and play activity that encourages creative storytelling, spatial thinking, and visual literacy. Kids DIY Fantasy Map Project –…

Our DIY bird nest helper sitting on a white background

Make: A Colorful Bird’s Nest Helper with Kids

These colorful bird’s nest helpers are a fun nature activity for kids, a helpful handmade backyard addition for birds, and only require minimal supplies (with zero prep!). Many years ago, while rolling up to a local fiber shop, I spotted…

Our DIY beanbag soft village playset for kids sitting in front of a white background

Sew A Simple, Squeezable DIY Village Playset for Kids

Nestled deep in the heart of Norway, cozily tucked away amongst forests of lush evergreens and majestic snow-capped mountains, you’ll find this charming little Fjord village. Inspired by a family trip and their day of sightseeing in Bergen, these colorful…

Our Eva Hesse-inspired DIY yarn spider web mobile hanging in front of a neutral-colored wall.

Make: A DIY Yarn Spider Web Mobile or Wall-Hanging

Embrace the tangle and explore fiber art with your kids using this Halloween-ish yarn spider web mobile-making project… October is a month with its own very distinctive mood, isn’t it? Here in the north, our October days tend to rise…

One of our soft sculpture art creature kids projects standing in front of a white background.

Make: Creative Creature Soft Sculpture Art for Kids

It’s aliive, it’s ALLLIIVEEE…and it’s…SQUISHY! Meet the latest additions to our kids’ art project family…imaginative soft sculpture art creatures made from recycled supplies! The outlandish beasts of Hieronymus Bosch meet the soft sculptures of Claes Oldenburg with this project that…