Ideas and resources to help you and your kids create positive change of all kinds – for the environment and in your communities.


Make your own set of gender-neutral, diverse peg dolls! An easy DIY for inclusive small world play.

Make: A DIY Diverse Peg Doll Set

My ever-growing library of small world play accessories received a huge upgrade this week in the form of a DIY’ed community of multicultural peg doll friends. Though the project was a quick one for me to make on my own,…

With some DIY spray chalk paint, a stencil template and an idea, your kids can create their own (washable!) guerrilla art! This isn't just outdoor fun - its a great lesson in activism!

Change: Stenciled Chalk Spray Paint Messages

In the grand tradition of all those activists and artists who have challenged, changed, and inspired before us, we decided to LITERALLY take our messages to the street today! We have been guerilla art-ing love and equality all morning with…