Cardboard Projects for Kids

A collection of our creative cardboard kids’ projects

Get creative and recycle with these fun and easy cardboard projects for kids. Perfect for families and classrooms, and easy to make with step-by-step instructions and supply lists.

Our play DIY hibernaculum kids project sitting in front of a dark blue-green background

Make: A Play Hibernaculum Kids’ Hibernation Learning Activity

Grab a shoebox and some nature supplies for this entertaining but simple hibernaculum-building activity that encourages kids to investigate how reptiles, amphibians, insects, and other small creatures hibernate during the winter… What is a hibernaculum? A hibernaculum is basically a…

Two cardboard tube assemblages hanging on a black surface

Make: Cardboard Tube Assemblages

Using a single household supply and a simple process, turn recycled paper roll tubes into sophisticated and striking cardboard tube assemblages! Bend ’em, cut ’em, glue ’em – no matter how you use them, cardboard tubes are a fantastic material…

Our cardboard pretend play bunny hutch and no-sew sock bunny kids crafts sitting in front of a blue and white background

Make: A Play Bunny Hutch from a Shoebox

Turn a shoebox into a play bunny hutch kids can make, decorate, and fill with cute recycled accessories, then use for dramatic pet play. Hop over this way to see the latest addition to our pretend pet family… it’s Sock…

Our diy seed mosaic cardboard bird feeder hanging in the garden

Make: Bird-Friendly Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders

A twist on the classic cardboard tube bird feeder craft, this project invites kids to play with patterns and experiment with natural supplies for cool handmade bird feeders that are totally bird-safe! DIY Seed Mosaic Bird Feeders – Table of…

Our DIY recycled cardboard puppet theater for kids sitting against a green and blue background.

Make: A DIY Cardboard Puppet Theater

Join us as we make a recycled DIY cardboard puppet theater using a process kids can recreate on their own or use for inspiration. Complete with elements and puppets inspired by author and illustrator Celestino Piatti! DIY Recycled Puppet Theater…

Four handpainted cardboard-framed spring landscape kids art projects sitting on a white background.

Make: Spring Landscape Art

Here in the last few days of January, on the other side of the solstice with light beginning to slowly inch back into our evenings, my spring daydreaming begins. It’s garden-planning time, and I spend more time than I should…