A collection of our Thanksgiving-themed kids’ crafts, art projects, and activities

These gradient leaf banners are a naturally lovely way to celebrate fall or the holiday season and easy for kids and parents to make. | via barley & birch

Make: Gradient Leaf Banners to Celebrate Fall

This morning on a walk with my dog, I realized it was probably the last day for leaves in our neighborhood. They’ve been incredibly glorious this year – HUGE and full of color. So, with my trusty stick collector in…

These halftone collages are a great autumn or Thanksgiving art activity for kids | via barley & birch

Make: Stamped Halftone Leaf and Gourd Collages

These pop-y halftone leaf and gourd collages offer a new way to look at highlights and shadows (through the eyes of a graphic designer) while celebrating a few of November’s natural beauties and the joy of handmade art! Over the…

These free printable mini Thanksgiving doodle books make easy turkey day fun for kids, cute classroom entertainment, or lovely little holiday table favors.

Freebie: Mini Thanksgiving Doodle Books

Here comes Tom Turkey, and he’s in the mood for some tryptophan-inducing turkey day coloring! These mini Thanksgiving doodle pages offer a cornucopia of holiday-themed drawing opportunities, calming coloring entertainment and creative writing prompts. For a table full of autumn…

Make colorful and simple felt turkeys for Montessori-style learning, clouting, sorting and pattern-making (template included!) | via barley & birch

Make: Colorful DIY Felt Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving again, and this time of year always makes me so nostalgic! Beyond the food, family time, and celebrating a day of gratitude, 0ne of the holiday details that has always stuck with me is the magically festive table settings…

Two of our DIY calico corn weaving crafts sitting on a white background with felt weaving strips

Make: A DIY Felt Calico Corn Weaving Soft Toy

This DIY calico corn soft toy only takes a few simple supplies, comes together quickly, and is fantastic for fine motor skills and pattern-making practice! Adding closure snaps, velcro or ties is an easy way to throw in some practical…

barley and birch - 2016 - peach - applesauce - 5

Eat: Peach Applesauce

Fall is finally here, and it feels like such a gift after the hot summer we’ve had. I’ve been so excited to ring in my favorite season, that I had to rush out to the local farm stand last weekend to grab some early apples…