Freebie: Mini Thanksgiving Coloring Books

Here comes Tom Turkey, and he’s in the mood for some tryptophan-inducing turkey day coloring!

These mini Thanksgiving doodle pages offer a cornucopia of holiday-themed drawing opportunities, calming coloring entertainment and creative writing prompts. For a table full of autumn goodness, tuck them into our free printable acorn gratitude boxes, stuff them in a paper bag acorn, or leave a minibook alongside one of our DIY felt turkeys.

One of our mini Thanksgiving coloring books sitting next to two Thanksgiving writing prompt pages and colorful scrap paper pieces

Inspired by some of our favorite November things, there are 9 illustrated mini pages to be colored-in or finished, 6 different mini writing prompt pages, 3 mini book cover options, and a sheet of blank mini pages. Put together a mini doodle book you can place as part of a Thanksgiving tablescape for kiddos, or just print, cut apart and throw into a bag with some crayons for instant entertainment at Thanksgiving dinner or holiday parties!

Newly updated! We just updated our printable files to include larger, quarter-sized pages and un-lined writing prompts for kids who may want a little more space for drawing, coloring, and writing!

Pages of our mini Thanksgiving coloring books sitting next to colorful scrap paper pieces and cut paper leaves

To make your own mini Thanksgiving coloring books you’ll need:



  • A sheet of acetate or plastic sheet protector to make front/back covers or dry erase pages
  • Color cardstock, construction paper, or tracing paper for additional pages
  • A hole punch (I used a 1/8″ hole punch – one size smaller than standard)
  • Hinged snap ring, etc. to bind your mini book
  • A blunt needle and embroidery floss or ribbon

Mini Thanksgiving Activity Book Instructions:

  1. Download and print our free doodle book pages

    Print the desired Thanksgiving doodle book pages on heavy cardstock (making sure to choose “borderless printing” in the printing options so the little pages print at full size).

    We created four different text page options, but if you’d like to add some extra color to your mini books, you can print the sheet of blank mini pages directly on to a piece of colored copy paper or cardstock.

  2. Cut apart along cut guidelines

    Using the guidelines, cut apart the minibook pages with scissors or a paper cutter.

  3. Cut out additional mini pages from transparency sheets (optional)

    For the books I put together, I included a few acetate pages (just like transparency sheets) – layering them over pages I knew would be fun to sketch on over and over again! A dry-erase marker works perfectly on these.

  4. Assemble your mini book (optional)

    Pick your pages and a cover, then use a hole punch to make your hole/s for binding. I’ve found that a 1/8″ size hole punch makes a perfectly-sized hole – just big enough to comfortably thread with floss or ribbon.

    Layout your pages and thread a kid-safe, blunt needle with a long piece of embroidery floss. Thread the needle through the pages. Once you’ve circled through the holes a few times, open the book in the middle, tie-off at the back. Keeping nice and loose so the pages can easily be turned and will lay flat.

    If you’d rather not use a needle and floss, a small hinged snap ring works well also – it also makes it super easy to replace or add more pages!

Pages of our free printable Thanksgiving coloring books sitting next to colorful scrap paper pieces and cut paper leaves

Easy as that (just what’s needed for a busy Thanksgiving day, right?)! You can sit back and let the littles color, draw, and generally be creative while you’re prepping (or recovering from) the big meal.

Two sheets of our free printable Thanksgiving doodle book sitting next to colorful scrap paper pieces

More fun ways to use your mini Thanksgiving doodle books

  • Don’t have the time or the specific supplies to bind? Combine small stacks of mini doodle pages with a few squares of colorful cardstock, naturally beautiful autumn leaves and a handful of acorns for a lovely (simple!) kids Thanksgiving table.
  • These are perfect for any holiday party or get-together! Print out multiple copies, precut some colorful cardstock pages, and leave out with a basket of crayons, a hole punch, and ribbon. Kids love picking their own pages and assembling themselves, and it’s a great favor for them to take home.
One of our free printable mini Thanksgiving coloring books sitting next to two Thanksgiving writing prompt pages and colorful scrap paper pieces

For more Thanksgiving activities for the kiddos, decorate your table with these fun printable gingerbread and snowman playdough mats, count the things you’re grateful for on a colorful fall-to-winter felt tree, make simple felt calico corn, or create an artful autumn garland from our free printable leaf activity kit.

You can also grab our free printable summer doodle books and Halloween doodle books!

Amanda Eldridge
Amanda Eldridge

With a passion for cultivating imagination, Amanda aims to help kids and families discover their creative potential through art, play, adventure, activism, conservancy, and community. Amanda has a background in graphic design, environmental design, and art curation. When not playing with ideas and designs for barley & birch, she enjoys working in freelance design, art, and illustration.


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