Dough and Clay Projects for Kids

A collection of our kids’ projects and activities that feature play dough, salt dough, and clays

Get creative with playdough, salt dough, clay, and more! Make something unique with the help of our sculpting projects and DIY dough activities for kids.

our air dry clay leprechaun treasure laying on a rainbow paper background

Make “Leprechaun Gold” Air-Dry Clay Gold Coins

Whether you’re making leprechaun gold for St. Patrick’s Day or pirate treasure for backyard adventures, these air dry clay gold coins are a creative art process for kids and make fantastic homemade play props. Why wait for a leprechaun to…

Our paper bag bear den sitting in a woodland small world play setup with two handmade clay bears

Make: A Paper Bag Bear Den for Small World Play

Turn a grocery bag into a painted paper bag bear den or cozy miniature cave for hibernating wildlife and other small-world play setups with this easy DIY. Autumn is turning to winter here in our neck of the woods, and…

Two cardboard tube assemblages hanging on a black surface

Make: Cardboard Tube Assemblages

Using a single household supply and a simple process, turn recycled paper roll tubes into sophisticated and striking cardboard tube assemblages! Bend ’em, cut ’em, glue ’em – no matter how you use them, cardboard tubes are a fantastic material…

Our salt dough starfish sitting on an aqua background with blue glass beads

Make: Salt Dough Sea Stars

Form and sculpt our favorite recipe for simple salt dough into beautifully textured handmade salt dough sea stars! This a lovely invitation for kids to observe and recreate these curious and captivating marine invertebrates. Making Salt Dough Starfish with Kids…

These lovely, modern DIY paint-dipped clay ornaments are simple enough for kids to make, but super chic decor and a fun holiday craft project! | via barley & birch

Make: Modern Paint-Dipped Ornaments

Do your kids like to have a holiday space that’s all their own to decorate? A miniature kids’ tree is a great way to deck the halls without going overboard, while also working some seasonal craft activities into the schedule!…

Our DIY paper-mache food-on-a-stick art projects displayed in front of a candy apple red background.

Make DIY Paper-Mâché Food On A Stick

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up as we take a stroll down the Midway! Feast your eyes on our selection of blue-ribbon paper-mâché food on a stick! And try your luck at a game of artistry and…

Little kiddos will love this summer swim-themed playdough invitation - with a quick DIY playdough mat you can easily make yourself! | from barley & birch

Make: A Swim-Themed Summer Playdough Invitation

Put together a quick and easy DIY swim-themed summer playdough activity (with a DIY playdough mat hack!). This creative pool-inspired sensory play idea invites little ones to design playdough bathing suits, explore textures, or simply enjoy the calming sensation of…