Peruse our virtual bookshelves with these collections of favorite kids’ books and creative, imagination-building reading materials.


Our DIY recycled cardboard puppet theater for kids sitting against a green and blue background.

Make: A DIY Cardboard Puppet Theater

Join us as we make a recycled DIY cardboard puppet theater using a process kids can recreate on their own or use for inspiration. Complete with elements and puppets inspired by author and illustrator Celestino Piatti! DIY Recycled Puppet Theater…

Four handpainted cardboard-framed spring landscape kids art projects sitting on a white background.

Make: Spring Landscape Art

Here in the last few days of January, on the other side of the solstice with the light beginning to slowly inch back into our evenings, my spring daydreaming begins. It’s garden-planning time, and I spend more time than I…

Our favorite kids baking cookbooks for young chefs of all ages! | via barley & birch

The Best Kids Cookbooks for Young Chefs

Do you remember using cookbooks when you were little? I have three kids’ cookbook favorites that instantly spring to mind, conjuring strong memories of afternoons measuring, stirring, rolling, and kneading alongside my parents in the kitchen… Our Top Kids Cookbook…

Our favorite creative, modern magazines for kids of all ages interested in art, cooking, news, science, writing, reading and fun! | via barley & birch

Read: 10+ Fresh and Engaging Magazines for Kids

As an advocate for children’s literacy and thoughtful, creative learning discovery tools, I’m constantly on the lookout for engaging new materials to add to the bookshelf. I’ve been introduced to countless wonderful children’s books this year, but have also have…

Our favorite classic children's books for all ages. | via barley & birch

Read: Some of My Old Favorites

Raise your hand if this rings a bell: hiding under the covers, flashlight in hand, with one eye on the page and the other on the bedroom door. Even though book-reading was a favorite nightly ritual at our house, I was…