Art Projects for Kids

These creative art projects use a variety of mediums and supplies, and offer variations for kids of all ages!

From simple crafts and engaging activities to more advanced lessons and concepts, these art projects will help children learn to express themselves while developing their artistic skills and imagination.

Different colors of snow spray paint on snow

Make: DIY Spray Bottle Snow Paint

Making snow paint is a fun and easy DIY project that you can do with your kids on a snowy day. Not only will you create beautiful and colorful artwork together, but you’ll also have a great time exploring your…

Colorful kid-made ice sculptures covered in snow

Make: Stacked Ice Sculptures from Colorful Ice Blocks

Winter is a magical time of year, and what better way to embrace the cold than by creating your own ice sculptures and colored ice blocks? We’re calling these whimsical, wintry forms “Layer Cake” ice sculptures, and this DIY activity…

Our paper bag bear den sitting in a woodland small world play setup with two handmade clay bears

Make: A Paper Bag Bear Den for Small World Play

Turn a grocery bag into a painted paper bag bear den or cozy miniature cave for hibernating wildlife and other small-world play setups with this easy DIY. Autumn is turning to winter here in our neck of the woods, and…

A group of our paper bag mushrooms sitting on a wood slice in front of a white background

Make: Paper Bag Mushrooms

A brown lunch bag and a stick are all you need to make these sweet, sculptural paper bag mushrooms. This charming nature-inspired craft is a wonderfully simple project for kids (or adults!) that can be used for small-world play, classroom…

our paint potion process art kids project

Make: Paint Potions – A Kids Process Art Exploration

Double, double, toil, and trouble…bubble, sparkle, fizz, and blob! Set up your own paint potions mini art lab with basic household ingredients, then make your own 2D potion compositions with this project that packs a mad process art punch! A…

Two cardboard tube assemblages hanging on a black surface

Make: Cardboard Tube Assemblages

Using a single household supply and a simple process, turn recycled paper roll tubes into sophisticated and striking cardboard tube assemblages! Bend ’em, cut ’em, glue ’em – no matter how you use them, cardboard tubes are a fantastic material…

One of our handmade paper bag acorn portrait kids crafts sitting in the grass

Make: Stuffed Paper Bag Acorn Portraits

These stuffed paper bag acorn portraits are an adorable fall art project for kids and a lovely autumn craft you can fill with seasonal surprises… What a nut, right?! These silly acorns are STUFFED with personality (among other things) and…