Winter Activities for Kids

Winter-themed kids’ projects and activities

Stay active and have fun with these winter activities for kids. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, snow days, and winter break.

Three of our DIY mini frozen bird feeder ornaments hanging from tree branches

Make Mini Frozen Bird Feeders with Kids

Put the chilly winter temperatures to good use and make mini frozen bird feeders! With just a few simple supplies, your kids can make these unique bird-friendly feeders in minutes for a hands-on nature activity that will keep them entertained…

A pail of paper snowballs sitting in front of a blue background

Make: Paper Snowballs for an Indoor Snowball Fight

Bring winter fun inside with these DIY paper snowballs – great for kids to make and use for an indoor snowball fight or winter games! We’ve once again hit the point in winter where patience with the season is starting…

A handmade flag sitting in the snow being used as a marker for our kids winter discovery trail.

Make: Backyard Winter Discovery Trails With Kids

Bring winter learning to life by making your own backyard discovery trails. Your kids can explore and discover the great outdoors with creative and interactive self-made trails that utilize the wonders of nature and STEAM learning, keeping them engaged, entertained,…

Different colors of snow spray paint on snow

Make: DIY Spray Bottle Snow Paint

Making snow paint is a fun and easy DIY project you can do with your kids on a snowy day. Not only will you create beautiful and colorful artwork together, but you’ll also have a great time exploring your creativity…

Colorful kid-made ice sculptures covered in snow

Make: Stacked Ice Sculptures from Colorful Ice Blocks

Winter is a magical time of year, and what better way to embrace the cold than by creating your own ice sculptures and colored ice blocks? We’re calling these whimsical, wintry forms “Layer Cake” ice sculptures, and this DIY activity…

Our DIY kids holiday letter-writing tray sitting on a light aqua background with silver confetti

Make: An Easy Kids’ Holiday Mail Station

Quickly put together an adorable and inviting kids’ holiday letter-writing or card-making station for writing real mail to friends and family or for festive pretend mail play. One of my favorite simple joys of the holiday season is finding hand-addressed…

Two snowflake suncatchers sitting on a blue background

Make: Easy Snowflake Suncatchers with Kids

Add some colorful wintry sparkle to your windows this holiday season with this lovely (and super simple!) snowflake suncatcher craft project for kids. There’s a nip in the air, a comforting blanket of fresh poofy powder, and a radiant light…