Discover: 50+ Awesome Projects to Help Kids Explore New Art Mediums

Looking for easy ways to add some imagination and experimentation to your kids’ play routine? In case you missed it, we shared a printable set of art badges over on hello, Wonderful last month and this month, we wanted to share a reference list of some of our most-beloved art projects to go with them! Almost all of these activities use materials you probably already have at home and can be modified to be entertain kids of all ages, skill and interest. You can even use this idea list to create your own at-home art camp! Grab the art badges here, pick a project from each medium group, and prepare to grow kids who can think flexibly, come up with out-of-the-box creative solutions & ideas, and develop a healthy imagination! 🙂

In addition to the visual learning benefits, using a variety of materials like torn paper, textured fabrics, or smooth paints are great sensory stimuli, helping to develop fine motor skills and providing open-ended play and process opportunities. It’s also a fun way for kids to embrace risk-taking, find new ways to express themselves and learn a variety of processes.


Fabric or Yarn

  1. Wet Felting With Kids from Meri Cherry
  2. Ribbon Weaving with a Popcicle Stick Loom from Buggy and Buddy
  3. Fabric Flowers from Purple Twig
  4. Glue Batik from Artful Parent

  1. Yarn Painting from Picklebums
  2. String Art from Cassie Stephens (video here)
  3. Fabric Dying with Kids from Black Walnut Stitch
  4. String Art Installation from Small Hands Big Art


Natural Materials

  1. Sunprints on Fabric from TinkerLab
  2. Nature Collage on Cardboard from Art Camp
  3. Painting with Nature from Kids Craft Room
  4. Garden Nature Art from The Craft Train

  1. Flower Petal Stained Glass from Artful Parent
  2. Self-Portraits with Found Nature Items from Happy Hooligans
  3. Nature Weaving Looms from Housing a Forest 
  4. Leaf Rubbing Collage from Momma.Poppa.Bubba


  1. Mini Rothko on Cardboard from Art Camp
  2. Landscape Collages from Cassie Stephens
  3. Paul Klee Castle Collages from Art is Basic
  4. Eric Carle-inspired Collages from Oh Creative Day



  1. Crazy Pasta Sculptures from hello, Wonderful
  2. Colored Paper Collage Sculptures from Art for Kids and Robots
  3. Calder Inspired Art Sculptures from Pink Stripey Socks (video here)
  4. Crayon Art Sculptures from Meri Cherry


Recycled or Found Materials

  1. Colorful CD Scratch Art from Kids Craft Room
  2. Experimental Media with Ikea Hardware from Kid Can Doodle
  3. Found Objects Collage from ARTBAR
  4. Hanging Cardboard Collage from Handy with Scissors


Chalk or Pastels

  1. Floating Chalk Prints from Cassie Stephens (video here)
  2. DIY Scratch Art from Early Activites and Projects
  3. Fossil Trading Cards from Art Projects for Kids
  4. Collaborative Mural from Purple Twig


Pencil or Charcoal

  1. Observational Drawing for Kids from Artful Parent
  2. Houseshold  Object Drawing Prompts from Art for Kids and Robots
  3. Charcoal Process Art from Montessori Nature 
  4. Drawing with Charcoal from My Small Potatoes


  1. Paper Wildflower Wreath from Art Camp
  2. Styrafoam Printing with Kids from Artbar
  3. Layered Prints from Purple Twig
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Stamping from barley & birch

  1. Printed Cityscape from Dali’s Moustache
  2. Collograph Flowers from Vicki Smith’s Art with Kids Blog
  3. Recycled Container Printing from Picklebums
  4. Plastic Bag Printing from Alisa Burke’s Blog (video here)

Paint or Watercolor

  1. Sumigashi for Kids from Inner Child Fun (video here)
  2. Watercolors and Oil from Babble Dabble Do
  3. Soap Pump Bubble Painting from A Pinch of Perfect (video here)
  4. Spin Painting for Preschoolers from Happy Hooligans

  1. Watercolor Jellyfish Paintings from Crafternoon Playdate
  2. Giant Canvas Toddler Art from Busy Toddler
  3. Rainbow Squeegee Painting Process Art from hello, Wonderful (video here)
  4. Popsicle Resist Art from Fun at Home with Kids


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