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As a huge fan of creative projects that don’t require complicated supplies, origami has always been a favorite go-to craft of mine. In grade school, a talented friend taught me how to make strings of paper cranes, star boxes, wallets, and balloons. Realizing I could make the coolest (functional!) things from one or two pieces of paper was all it took – I was hooked. Even as an adult I still find myself absentmindedly folding scraps into boxes, boats, and birds.

While searching for kids’ craft ideas a few years ago, I ran across a fabulous collection of simple but clever origami how-to videos from Red Ted Art. With fresh projects that often reference modern kid favorites, the videos and website are indispensable creative resources. In the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with author and paper artist Maggy – the creator of Red Ted Art. Being the lovely friend and maker she is, she was kind enough to put together a few suggestions of super simple and easy origami projects for kids for us!

To make your own origami projects you’ll need:

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  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue stick, double-sided tape or paper clips


These hand-picked projects from Maggy are perfect for beginners who are just attempting their hands at folding for the first time and can be adapted to any season, so make sure to bookmark and pin this article and her links to find them all easily later! And if this all sounds right up your alley, then OMG, you’re going to love Maggy’s new book too….

These fun and easy beginner origami projects are a perfect kids introduction to the art of paper folding!

Origami Paper Whales

Let’s start with a fun summer project! Origami paper whales are super easy to make – even kids who’ve never tried this technique before. Finished whales can be used as they are for play or you can glue them to a greeting card since they are flat!

Monster Book Corners

Would you prefer to make a monster? Or an owl? How about both?! Monster corner bookmarks are simple to make and with a little tweaking, they can turn into owls. Perfect for fall or Halloween crafting projects and make an easy gift to make for any book lover! We have so many other corner bookmark designs to choose from!

Origami Dogs

Oh so cute. Just check out these lovable origami dogs! Make some of them smaller and turn them into cute little puppies! 

Origami Paddington Bear!

Next, we are making origami paper Paddington bears and plan to turn them into birthday party invites and other decorations, like garlands and cupcake toppers. Easy and lots of ways to change the purpose!

Origami Paper Star Wreath

Folded paper star wreath is a classic origami craft you have to try! Change up the colors for each season and holiday, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas!

These fun and easy beginner origami projects are a perfect kids introduction to the art of paper folding!

Origami Paper Stars

Even easier to make our folded paper stars! Made from a single piece of paper, they can be in any color you wish! You can also use patterned paper to match the season or holiday.

Origami Houses

For storytelling time, kids can craft their own origami houses. They can be used for retelling any fairy tale or story as long as it has a little house, as we did with the 3 Little Pigs.

Jumping Frogs

Origami projects can be interactive and fun! Invite kids to make some jumping frogs and prepare a little jumping contest!

3D Origami Paper Star Bowls

Decorate your tabletops for an upcoming celebration with 3D origami paper star bowls. Perfect as a party craft to hold favors, they look great displayed on a window too!

Origami Mermaid Corner Bookmarks

Our last suggestion is a bit more complicated to make, but if your kids have done all the previous origami projects, they are ready to make their own cute mermaid corner bookmarks! Don’t you just love them?! Combine them with the origami whales we suggested as a first project and create a number of items for an under-the-sea birthday party!

Loving Maggy’s picks? You’ll be as thrilled as I was to know she’s just published a big, beautifully detailed book chock full of easy paper projects! Easy Paper Projects is available now via the many options on her site or the links below!

Check out Maggy's lovely children's paper craft book, Easy Paper Projects!

Maggy’s book shares so many wonderful and easy projects with some of the basic crafting supplies like paper, pen, and glue, making crafting time inexpensive and fun! You can turn craft time into a daily family activity and enjoy making new memories with your kids. They will enjoy time spent together and love to show the finished results of their crafting.

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Amanda Eldridge
Amanda Eldridge

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