Make: DIY Spray Bottle Snow Paint

Making snow paint is a fun and easy DIY project that you can do with your kids on a snowy day. Not only will you create beautiful and colorful artwork together, but you’ll also have a great time exploring your creativity and imagination.

Looking for an inexpensive, low-prep activity that will get your kids outside and active on a snowy day while encouraging them to explore their creativity and imagination in a unique and exciting way…? Hey, aren’t we all, bud…! Well, here’s one to bookmark: spray bottle snow painting!

Spray bottles filled with DIY snow paint surrounding an area sprayed with different bright colors

Using snow paint as a play activity is a fun and engaging way to promote creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, color knowledge, and outdoor play for children. It is an easy and inexpensive activity that can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and it allows them to explore their artistic side while also learning and developing important skills.

One of the most obvious benefits of using snow paint as a play activity is that it encourages children to explore their own creativity and imagination. When children are given the opportunity to create art and express themselves, they learn to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas. Snow paint allows children to create colorful and vibrant artwork on a canvas that is constantly changing, making each new creation unique and exciting.

We put our homemade snow paint through the paces to see how it held up in actual freezing temps…press play on the video to see the results…!

In addition to promoting creative play, using snow paint also promotes important fine motor skills. Spraying the paint requires children to use their hand-eye coordination and dexterity, helping to develop and strengthen these skills. This is especially important for children who may struggle with fine motor skills and need extra practice.

Snow covered with bright colors of snow paint

It’s also a fantastic way to learn about colors and color mixing. Children can experiment with different colors and see how they interact with each other, learning about color theory and the basics of art.

Snow paint play promotes outdoor play and physical activity. With so much emphasis on technology and screens, it’s important to encourage children to spend time outside and get some fresh air – especially during the winter. Snow paint provides a fun and exciting way to do this, encouraging children to explore their outdoor environment and stay active. So, next time it snows, grab some snow paint and head outside to create some winter wonderland art with your children!

Visit our BIG list of kids’ backyard winter play ideas for more outdoor winter activities!

To make your own spray bottle snow paint you’ll need:

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  • Squeeze/condiment bottles (I used these)
  • Bubble solution and a bubble wand
  • A plastic bin and an old towel

How to Make Spray Bottle Snow Paint – DIY Instructions:

  1. Fill spray bottles with warm water

    One of the aspects that makes this activity fun is being able to build and rebuild different ice sculptures from a variety of shapes and sizes. I gathered some of our reusable plastic food storage containers – square, round, shallow, deep, small, large – the more varied the better – to use for our ice block molds.

  2. Add food coloring and shake to mix

    Add a different color of food coloring to each spray bottle. I used about 25 drops of gel food coloring in each because I wanted bold, bright, and vibrant colors. The more you add, the stronger and more saturated they’ll be.

  3. Put your bottles in a small bin lined with an old towel (optional)

    If you’re planning on spending longer periods of time outside playing with your spray bottles, you can keep the nozzles from clogging up by lining a small bin or cooler with an old towel and using it for outdoor storage.
    Our spray snow paint bottles sitting in a towel-lined bin in the snow
    Once your kids are done with specific colors they can put them back in the bin, keeping the water a bit warmer than it would be laying in the snow (which keeps water from freezing up and clogging the nozzles).

    For EXTRA insulation, bury the bin down into the snow. It seems contradictory, but the snow actually insulates!

Head outside and find a snowy surface to paint on. You can use the snow paint on trees, bushes, fences, or any other outdoor surfaces. Be sure to use the paint on freshly fallen snow for the best results.

Start spraying the paint onto the snow. Encourage your kids to experiment with different techniques, such as spraying in different directions or layering colors.

Spray bottles filled with DIY snow paint surrounding an area sprayed with different bright colors

Our nozzles have both a “mist” setting which creates a more even and delicate spray, and a “stream” setting which creates a more concentrated straight line of spray. Play with both to see the different kinds of areas of color you can make!

Snow covered with bright colors of spray bottle snow paint

Once you’re finished, you and your kids can admire the beautiful and colorful artwork you’ve created together. Take photos of your snow painting creations and enjoy the rest of your snowy day.

Mixing colors on the snow with our snow spray paint

Tips for successful snow painting with kids

  • Be mindful of the temperatures. Especially when working with water outside in freezing temperatures, it’s important to be sure your kiddos are staying warm and dry. Make sure children are supervised at all times, the spray paint is being used in a safe and appropriate manner, and everyone keeps their hats, mittens, etc. on while outside.
  • Keep an eye out for color on clothing. Food coloring (especially the saturated gel colors we used) can stain fabrics, so remind kids to keep the spray to the snow.
  • Expect the colors to fade. Like all good things, these bright colors don’t last forever, in fact, ours had already faded quite a bit by the next morning. Over the course of a day, the snow dilutes the colors as they soak in – something that will happen faster in sunny areas where snow is melting. In my opinion, the impermanence is part of the fun, but you may want to mention it before beginning so there aren’t any surprises or disappointments as the color slowly disappears.
Spraying colored water with squeeze bottles in the snow

More ideas for creative snow paint activities

  • Experiment with color-mixing. Watch the snow turn colors right before your very eyes by spraying primary colors over top of each other.
  • Use squeeze bottles for a different snow painting effect. Create fun lines, squiggles, and splatters by trading spray bottles for squeeze bottles. We filled small condiment bottle with our snow paint then let loose creating BIG Jackson Pollock-like snow paintings. You can work small and do more detailed snow drawings, or use your whole body to make large swirls of color in the snow.
  • Incorporate stencils. Just as we did for our chalk spray paint sidewalk art project, simple homemade stencils can be used to create interesting shapes on the snow. You can cut shapes or letters out of cardboard, use actual stencils, or spray paint around the outside of objects like pails and boxes.
  • Blow colored bubbles onto the snow for bubble snow paintings! Add food coloring to a bottle of bubbles, stir or shake (lid on!) then blow bubbles onto the snow. If it’s cold enough, your bubbles will actually freeze holding their shape!
  • Use your snow spray paint for outdoor winter games. These spray snow paints are a wonderful (and easy) way to create lines or other visual markers for winter sports and games. Create a bullseye with different colors of circles, or draw lines for races or sports-playing.
  • Write messages to friends in the snow. Have a friend with a winter birthday? Leave them a colorful and creative birthday greeting with messages and well-wishes in the snow!
Bubble snow painting

I’m a big advocate for getting kids outside in the winter, but it’s just as important to keep a stash of ideas for inside winter play. For a few of our favorite indoor snow activities, visit our cut-paper snowflake suncatchers post or try making a moveable cardboard snowplow. Or bring a little of the outdoors inside with a mini winter sensory garden.

Different colors of snow spray paint on snow
Amanda Eldridge
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