Create your own storybook mid-century modern DIY shoebox house using a cardboard box and collaging textures and simple shapes. A great rainy day activity for kids of any age!
Mid-Century House Printable Design Pack



Mid-Century House Printable Design Pack


Taking inspiration from the iconic designs of the mid-20th century, this set of printable mid-century-inspired textures was specifically created for kids to easily play with while still capturing the essence of the mid-century aesthetic.

Using our custom-designed pack of printable house templates, textures, and landscaping elements (reviewed by mid-century architecture experts!) anyone can create fun, eco-friendly miniature playhouses or 2D projects. Inspire your kids to embrace their inner architects and designers while encouraging them to develop important spatial awareness and visualization skills, learn about scale, and consider the impact of their designs on their communities and the environment.

Whether creating 2D or 3D homes, this printable bundle provides a great outlet for kids to explore their curiosity, creativity, and imagination while exploring new ways to play. Our mid-century house printable design pack can be used in tandem with our DIY mid-century modern shoebox house project or for art and play creations of your own. 

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Our mid-century house printable design pack is a standard letter-sized PDF set that includes:

  • (4) pages of mid-century-style inspirational house templates
  • (7) pages of custom-designed, MCM-inspired house textures in full color
  • (3) pages of custom-designed, MCM-inspired house textures in black & white
  • (1) page of full-color, custom-designed landscaping elements
  • File Size: 5.4 MB

All of our downloads are packaged as PDFs within a .zip file and include detailed printing instructions (if necessary) along with our terms of service. Check our Printable FAQ page here for troubleshooting tips and questions about use and sharing. Because of the nature of downloadable products, we don’t offer refunds on our printables. 


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