Make: A DIY Wednesday Addams Softie

When my friend Trixie asked if I’d like to participate in Sew A Halloween SoftieI knew right away I wanted to try making my own mini Wednesday Addams. With Wednesday’s love of true crime, quick sarcastic wit, and flair for dark fashion, she seems a perfect modern-day icon. And who among us hasn’t wanted to vexingly declare, “I’ll clean my room…for your mortal soul…!”. Yes, friends, we are all Wednesday. She’s also become our new favorite homemade Halloween toy!

Kids can help make this DIY Wednesday Addams softie - the perfect squeezable accessory for Halloween! With an optional template included. | from barley & birch

With specific design details inspired by Charles Addams’ original cartoon, along with a couple of small nods to classic Tim Burton and vintage Edward Gorey, this softie Wednesday is a delightfully dark combination of spooky and kooky. For anyone afraid this might be too advanced, breath easy – I’m not a natural (or extremely patient when it comes to sewing) so much like my DIY crab softie tutorial or DIY bean bag gnomes, I used lots of little hacks that make it an easy parent+kid afternoon project!

DIY Wednesday Addams Softie on white background surrounded by play spiders

For A DIY Wednesday Addams softie you’ll need:


  • (2-3) 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of muslin fabric (or similar)
  • (1) 8.5″ x 11″ piece of black felt (or other fabric)
  • (1) 3″ x 3″ square of white felt (or other fabric)
  • Black fabric or acrylic paint
  • 7 yds. Black yarn or approx. (20) 12″ pieces
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins or safety pins
  • A needle & thread
  • Fabric Glue
  • A foam brush + small brush
  • Polyfill, beans or similar stuffing


Before you begin, a minor but important prep step: be sure to wash and iron your fabric first – especially if you’re using muslin, you’ll want to soften it up with a wash first.

Another quick note: if you plan on getting smaller kids involved, you might find it helpful to sew the body together, then let them jump in for the painting portion (painting in any way they like – it doesn’t have to look like our Wednesday)! 

Wednesday Addams Softie Instructions:

  1. Trace our painted doll softie template onto fabric and cut out pieces

    Download, print and cut out our DIY painted doll softie template.  Cut out the body and additional pieces out of your fabric, leaving about a 1/2″ all the way around the edge.
    Trace our painted doll softie template onto fabric and cut out the pieces.
    *NOTE: The hardest part of this project for me was turning the super-skinny muslin arms & legs inside out. If you want to make that portion a little easier on yourself, you can make the extremities a little wider (adding even a 1″ border around the original template would make it very easy – and would still look very cute)!

    You’ll be sewing the body, then flipping the pieces inside out for a clean edge, so if you traced the template directly onto your fabric, be sure to stack your main body and individual arms & legs so any pen marks are facing outside and are visible (as shown on our main body above).

  2. Sew and stuff both arms, both legs, and the main body separately

    To speed up the process. we used a sewing machine to sew the main body + individual arms and legs. You can hand sew if you’d prefer or don’t have a sewing machine available. Sew your pieces, leaving one end of every piece open for stuffing. Flip each piece inside out – if your legs and arms are as thin as ours, you can use a pin to help you pull the fabric through. Stuff with polyfill or similar, then sew up the ends of each.
    Sew and stuff both arms, both legs, and the main body separately.

  3. Sew the legs, arms, and felt hairpieces onto the body

    Using a simple whip stitch, sew your legs and arms to the body. This is a good time to add the black felt hairpieces as well. I used a running stitch and black thread to sew them on.
    Sew the legs, arms, and felt hairpieces onto the body.

  4. Paint on a dress, shoes, and socks

    I tire of sewing quickly (ha!) so I decided to paint the dress, shoes, and socks on. I won’t be washing or heavily using my Wednesday, so I used black acrylic paint. If you anticipate needing to wash yours, you’ll want to use black fabric paint instead. Start with the front, let dry, then flip and paint the back.
    Paint on a dress, shoes, and socks.

  5. Glue on the felt collar and facial features

    Once your paint has dried, you can glue or sew on the two pieces of Wednesday’s white collar.
    Glue on Wednesday's felt collar and facial features.
    I added facial features by gluing on 2 small felt eyes, then adding a mouth and eyebrows cut from black yarn (secured with glue only). It’s amazing how much a small change in the expression can change your softie’s entire demeanor, so spend some time playing around with different options and see what you prefer! You can also use paint, buttons, stitches, or a black permanent marker to add your face.

  6. Attach Wednesday’s yarn braids

    To finish, cut approx. (18-21) 12″ pieces of black yarn to make Wednesday’s braids. Tie a knot at the top, separate it into 3 sections, and braid. After you’ve braided about 4-5 inches, tie off and cut. Use the remaining yarn to make your other braid. When both braids are finished, trim any excess off from around the top knots, and attach to the front and bottom of your hairline with a needle and thread.Attach Wednesday's yarn braids.

If you’re making your own Wednesday Addams, you’re probably knee-deep in Autumn holiday prep! Wednesday looks right at home surrounded by this frightful collection of DIY bat taxidermy – perfectly horrific kid-made Halloween decor!

Or try making a beautifully simple upcycled lion costume,  download our free ghost dress-up printable DIY stickers, or check out our adorable Halloween mini doodle books!

DIY Wednesday Addams Softie with template included from barley & birch
DIY Wednesday Addams Softie with template included from barley & birch


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  1. I love how you’ve painted on the dress, shoes and socks. It’s a great alternative to having to sew on the dress seperately. Makes it quicker and I’d say kids would love the chance to paint them on! Love your Wednesday!

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